Essential oils are increasingly popular as more and more people become educated about the health benefits of using them in their homes and on their bodies. While there is not an overwhelming amount of research studies on the use of essential oils, they have been used in personal care and traditional medicine for generations.

If you are personally an advocate and user of essential oils, and you are looking for a way to share your knowledge and passion with others while making money, starting an essential oil business is ideal. The most significant barrier to starting this business is the knowledge needed to educate others, which can be learned in a variety of ways, from personal research to structured essential oil classes.

While starting a new business may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Here are three ways to start an essential oil business.

1. Create an add-on to an existing business such as a spa or beauty shop

Essential oils fit naturally with certain other companies that focus on health and beauty. Obvious choices include a spa, beauty supply store, yoga studio, or medspas. Find businesses that are convenient for you and within the industry, and talk to the owner about partnering with them to offer your essential oils.

Adding on to an existing business may mean them allowing you to sell your oils on consignment at their retail location or renting you a space within theirs where you can work and interact with customers. It may also mean contacting business owners to see if you can provide essential oils to their business. For example, you may contact a spa to propose an add-on to their business, but they may be more interested in purchasing your oils to utilize within their existing business. While not your intent, it is important to be open to new opportunities.

2. Create an eCommerce website to provide drop-ship services

Starting an eCommerce store will offer you the freedom of working from home, but also the ability to drop-ship items directly to consumers without having to handle inventory directly. Newegglogistics is a fulfillment and logistics company designed specifically for eCommerce companies to manage their shipments for them quickly and efficiently. Working with a company like Newegg Logistics will allow you to focus on developing your brand and online presence while they handle the day-to-day orders and inventory. When running an online business, marketing and community engagement become vital as they will allow your business to grow.

3. Combine an eCommerce site with pop up shops

While an eCommerce website may be the ideal option, if you desire to interact directly with customers providing education and guidance, you can create a hybrid business utilizing both physical locations and online. A pop-up shop is a business without a regular site that will set up a shop in a pre-determined place for a short period, like a single afternoon. For example, you may host a pop-up shop in a yoga studio, so you can talk to their students and offer your products while you are there. You may be able to provide an essential oil class at a local coffee shop or other small business.

Regardless of the approach you choose, stay focused on your goals. Start with a business plan, which will include your business concept, contacts of where you can buy bulk essential oils at wholesale prices, your marketing plan, and your financial overview. Your business plan will help you to secure funding, as well as provide a blueprint for the steps you need to take to start and run a successful essential oil business.