The best uses for your money will benefit you far more than buying something that an advertisement told you to. As you’re balancing your budget, consider giving yourself a lasting gift; like a healthier home, a better body image, or a bit of extra protection to help you sleep at night. Here are some suggestions on the best uses for your money,

1. Peace of Mind


With money to spare, you’re likely taking care of your home and health through various forms of insurance. But what other parts of your life could use that same peace of mind? Maybe there’s nothing in this world that you love more than your classic car. Your muscle car, hot rod, or other antique or vintage cars of choice is practically a member of the family. Perhaps it’s a collector car you keep safe in the garage or visit antique car roadshows and other events to show her off to the world. A good classic car insurer can make sure you’re attending those car shows for years to come—and, if anything goes wrong while you’re there, it’s far from a total loss. Research insurance providers with policies aimed at insuring a classic car to compare rates, benefits, and requirements for your ideal classic car policy. As you cruise her through a car show or tuck her into the garage at night, you can rest assured knowing that your insurance is in place in case of emergency.

2. Increase Your Confidence


Maybe you have all of the traditional insurance you could ever need, but still, feel you’d benefit from a different type of peace—the type that comes from feeling better about your body and overall self. Spend some time figuring out your body type. Then, start small by finding the best panties for each body type, considering the cuts you like best (like boy shorts, thongs, bikinis, briefs, and other common styles of underwear). Once your underwear is hugging your curves, apply the same concepts to the rest of your closet and invest in clothes that highlight your waist, hug your hips, or otherwise make you feel great. The right outfit just might be the confidence boost you need, from bras, panties, and lingerie to outerwear and accessories.

3. Maintain Your Home


You know that taking care of your home is important, but home repairs and other maintenance projects inherently take up time and money. If you’ve been slacking on this portion of homeownership, it might be time to call in the pros. Search for carpet cleaning and pest control services to improve your quality of life at home or simply have a fresh, clean start on your own upkeep efforts. It can be worth hiring someone to get your house remarkably clean, making it easier to keep up with for a long time to come.

4. Save or Invest


If no particular sort of spending stands out as right for you, the idea of building wealth and having more money just might. Put your excess earnings into a high-yield savings account and watch interest accumulate over time. Or, invest your spare funds now to earn dividends as you build a diversified portfolio. Investing is a riskier option than saving, but can pay off in larger sums.

5. Increase Your Earnings


If saving or investing isn’t your style, spend some of it now to create passive income streams to bring even more money in. Start selling digital products like ebooks or digital downloads, for example, and let sales come in while you sleep. With even more funding, you can buy all the insurance policies, clothing, and home projects you can imagine!

However, you choose to use your money, make sure you’re spending it in a way that makes sense for you. A classic car owner or collector may want to preserve their car’s value, while a homeowner with a history of termite problems might prefer to amp up their pest control efforts. Or, you might simply want to fill your underwear drawer with options that look and feel great no matter how you dress. Whether you’re focused on building more wealth or wanting to spend on something that means a lot to you and your family, put some thought into it beforehand and put buyer’s remorse to rest.