As more people decide to work from home in search of freedom, flexibility, and job fulfillment, the types of businesses people are starting are growing. In fact, here are five businesses you can start on your own.

Market For Others

A digital marketer can do a number of jobs, from email and social media marketing to blog/article writing to building websites to creating courses to posting informative videos on platforms like YouTube and Facebook to creating and managing marketing campaigns.

While many digital marketers work in an office for an employer, countless marketers are going on their own as they have the skills necessary and the tools available to run their own marketing agencies. 

As an example of tools available, Oracle call center software makes it possible for business owners to easily reach and connect with their customers. With this software, your customers can change between channels (SMS, chat, voice, etc.) while increasing agent productivity. That’s possible because the software can be used as an inbound or outbound call center. Interactive voice response allows customers to receive answers to their questions without talking to a live agent.

Communication is essential as a business owner, and call center software makes it easier for customer communication across all platforms. This software is the perfect tool for your thriving digital marketing business.

Love On Animals

Leaving the tech arena, pet sitting and dog walking is a popular business you can start on your own as you don’t need education or certifications to do so. A bonus of this profession is the fact that your clients (dogs/dog owners) are likely in your neighborhood and nearby. People are always going to have pets, as well as priorities and commitments, meaning this service will always be in demand.

Become A Handyman

An all-around handyperson can provide an endless amount of services. This person can do repairs in homes, landscape yards, paint houses, clean windows, and more. Depending on where you live, you might think this type of profession is seasonal, especially if you provide landscaping services, but you can swap those services out for snow removal in the winters. If you’re good with your hands and know how to fix things, then there will always be work available as a handy person.

Take On The Role of A Landlord

Becoming a landlord might not be as feasible as the professions above if you don’t own property, but if you do or want to become a property manager, you can start your business the moment you have property.

Whether you have one property or an entire lot, it’s essential to know the rules, regulations, and other aspects of renting out property. It’s also important to know the best practices and find ways to save time and money so you can increase your income. FlowRite Metering can ensure your submeter system is done correctly, leading to you being able to break down utility use with ease.

There’s more to collecting rent when it comes to a landlord’s duties, and managing the utilities for a property can take a lot of time and energy if the proper equipment and services aren’t set up. Submetering is the solution and can ensure you split up bills fairly, among other benefits.

Tutor In What You’re Best At

Tutoring provides a good balance between passion and expertise as a person can tutor students in areas he or she is skilled and knowledgeable in. You can also set up your own rates and give back in the form of teaching people about a specific field or topic. The only necessities for this profession are your brain (possibly textbooks) and clients.