If you’ve decided to break into the health and wellness industry, you’ve made a wise decision, commission- and sales-wise. In fact, in 2017 the health and wellness industry was worth $4.2 trillion globally. Breaking into this industry is a great way to make money, and an even greater idea if you already have a passion and zeal for health and wellness in all its facets.

Once you’ve found your niche in the health and wellness business world, you will want to quickly and creatively build a following to expand your success. If you’re looking for new and engaging ideas to grow your business within the health and wellness industry, here are five surefire tips.

Pay attention to your customers’ preferred medium or device.

No matter what type of business you run, it’s important that you pay attention to and meet your customers where they are. For many individuals, that means focusing on your online customers, as several of them are most likely using one or more streaming services such as Sling TV, Apple TV, Youtube TV, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.

If your business involves any kind of cooking, exercise, or wellness tips, you may want to consider hiring a video streaming services company to film you or your employees doing whatever it is that you do best. Customers will appreciate this on-demand content and catered video content, and it’s a creative way for you to share best practices for health and wellness with your audience.

Offer personalized services.

In a time when many people are inside and cannot access traditional methods of improving their health and wellness, such as health food stores and restaurants and gyms, there’s a big need for personalized services. You could grow your business by offering services catered directly to your customers’ wellness needs and goals, such as meal plans, on-demand video for home and outdoor workouts, and others. You may even market this personalized servicing option as an add-on for your existing line of products or services.

Don’t forget to showcase your customers’ success and results.

A great way to grow your base of customers and spread the news of your business’s success is by showcasing the results your customers have seen. No matter if you are a supplement brand, a personal trainer, or a health food subscription service, your customers will have something to say about the impact your business has had on their life.

You can collect testimonials from your loyal customers to post online to your social media in the form of photos, interactive blog posts, or online video. Someone could see just one popular video detailing a customer’s positive experience with your business and become a customer themselves.

Join an affiliate network to branch into sales.

If you are a personal chef, blogger, home cook, trainer, or workout instructor with an online presence and following, you may want to consider joining a health affiliate network. Affiliate marketing is a great way to use the products and services you already need and make money for producing sales.

The Health Affiliate Network connects you to natural health products that could benefit both your life and the lives of those in your audience. Then, you gain a commission if someone in your audience buys the product through you or your sales-inducing behavior.

Stay up-to-date with trends to maintain and grow your customer base.

As a member of the health and wellness industry, it is imperative that you stay in the know and on-trend with new techniques and products in the wellness sphere. This could mean using essential oils, more natural or homeopathic methods of wellness, or a new type of workout class that is providing great results. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the next big thing in the industry.