Any business owner knows and understands that there are seasons throughout the life of your company. Over time, things are going to need to change so that your overall organization can grow and thrive. This is especially true for restaurants. If you own a restaurant, you are working in an incredibly competitive field and sometimes a rebrand can be just the thing to improve your chances in the industry.

Businesses are defined by their brand. It tells people what to expect from you and shares your story with the world. Branding is everything from the logo to the aesthetic of your restaurant. A total rebrand may include new graphics, a new dining room set up, a fresh menu, or innovative faces in your management department. You may be wondering if a rebrand is right for you. Here are a few suggestions and signs that it’s time to try something new and revitalize the brand of your restaurant.

1. The physical building just went through a big renovation or facelift.

Sometimes outstanding circumstances affect your business decisions. Maybe the building your restaurant is in needed some renovations or you had to move locations. This is the perfect time to get creative. After all, basic systems like your air conditioner are essential for your restaurant’s success. Guests don’t want to dine in a place with strange sounds or a high thermostat.

If you have weird sounds coming from your air conditioner, it may be electrical problems or a loose part in the AC unit. Call a technician to get everything set up correctly with your HVAC system so you can get back to serving delicious food in your rebranded restaurant.

2. You’re looking for ways to appeal to top talent and great employees.

You want your restaurant to seem young, hip, fresh, and cool. The way to do this is with a staff that embodies those qualities. If you find that you’re not attracting great talent in the kitchen or out on the floor, it may be time for a rebrand. Depending on your area, make some adjustments to make your venue seem like the ideal place to visit and work.

You can do this in any number of ways. Follow fads and create a stunning interior that looks straight out of Instagram. Or adjust your menu to be more ecologically friendly in the current climate. Maybe you want to go vegan with as you’re creating the new menu. Show your customers that their sauces can taste just as great if they’re plant-based. You’d be amazed at how many people will respect your company when you make these bold changes.

3. A new owner or management team is taking over.

When a new team comes in, it’s the perfect time and excuse for a rebrand. Take in those new opinions and ideas to create something fresh and interesting. An outside pair of eyes can often make all the difference as you search for ways to improve your restaurant.

4. Struggles with your sales and finances are threatening the business.

Obviously, your number one goal is to make money at your restaurant. If you find that you’re losing out on sales or business, it may be time to try something new. When your finances are starting to look bleak, try a rebrand to see if you can revitalize them.

5. The old branding is simply too outdated.

Sometimes, an old brand or idea just becomes outdated. If you want to grow your company, you need to bring things up to date. Look for a modern twist on an old logo or add new tech elements in the dining room. These changes can put your restaurant back on the map.