Car dealerships are businesses where automobiles are bought and sold. Some car dealerships specialize in selling new vehicles made by a specific vehicle manufacturer, while other dealerships buy and sell used cars.

Call centers are facilities that receive inbound calls or make outbound calls. Although many people commonly associate these centers with telemarketing, their representatives handle various tasks based on the needs of their business. There are several ways contact centers benefit businesses. Continue reading to learn why you might want to consider using a contact center for your dealership.

Contact center software ensures compliance with federal regulations.


Call center staff must comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the do-not-call list. With advanced software, you’ll ensure your customer service representatives comply with the TCPA and other regulations, including the general data protection regulation (GDPR). With a Bright Pattern contact center, you’ll have the confidence that comes from knowing regulation compliance is built into the system software. Your data storage devices are secure, and Bright Pattern regularly tests its systems to ensure data security.

Data security breaches typically cost companies between $1 million and $8 million. Clients may be deterred from doing business with companies that experience a data breach. Using industry-compliant contact center software effectively protects client data and ensures that you provide a positive customer experience.

Omnichannel contact center software offers easy access to multiple communication channels.


Today’s contact center systems offer multiple communication platforms to consumers. Customers can opt to communicate via emails, phone calls, direct messages, in-app chats, video chats, social media messages, or texts. Omnichannel contact center software enables customers to switch between communication platforms based on their personal needs and preferences.

For example, a parent may begin a call with your business while their child is napping but may want to switch to a video call, so they can communicate hands-free if their child wakes up and needs to be fed. With omnichannel software, your customer service team can meet client needs promptly, improving the customer experience for consumers.

Inbound callers will appreciate your efficiency.


Callers and call center staff can use tools to calculate different loan terms and access current information for consumers who want to make a car purchase. With a car loan calculator, it’s possible to enter the purchase price, the value of a trade-in vehicle, down payment, interest rate, and repayment terms to determine how much the buyer’s monthly payments would be. Contact center staff can use online tools to search for car loans within the buyer’s budget and help them find a lender.

Clients can also access appropriate staff quickly, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) systems that enable calls to be processed and transferred based on the caller’s needs. The AI system can identify suitable contact center representatives who can address the caller’s needs, reducing their wait times and the number of times they’re transferred during their call. Promptly transferring customers to appropriate representatives who can provide the assistance they require promotes a positive customer experience, making it more likely that you’ll sell a vehicle to the customer.

Outbound call staff can handle personal finance issues and generate sales.


Outbound call center staff may approach potential clients to generate sales and follow up with clients to address payment issues. Representatives can also schedule appointments with clients who want to work with a particular salesperson when they review vehicles. Having contact center professionals place follow-up calls will enable your dealership staff to focus on clients at your business location while ensuring callers’ needs are met.

You can save money with a contact center.


Modern contact center software enables contact center staff to work from any location with Internet access. Instead of securing expensive real estate in the city, you can use a contact center in a rural area where it’s more affordable to rent office space. Contact center software also makes it possible for representatives to work from home. During the coronavirus pandemic, contact center representatives connected to the software online, ensuring they could access the information they needed while performing their tasks. The ability to work remotely ensured businesses could collect payments and provide customer service while following social distancing regulations.

Car dealerships benefit from using call centers in multiple ways. Contact center software complies with regulations, offers multiple communication channels, and improves efficiency. Your dealership’s call center can handle multiple tasks affordably, ensuring you provide superb customer service while saving money on your business operations.