Call centers are offices where staff send or receive multiple phone calls. Inbound call centers prioritize incoming calls from customers. Staff at inbound call centers may address product questions or provide technical support.

Outbound call centers have a staff team focused on placing calls. Outbound call centers typically focus on marketing. Your dental practice can benefit from using an outbound call center in multiple ways.

Outbound call centers are designed for staffing needs.


Today’s outbound call center solutions feature advanced technology designed to reduce workload and mistakes. Staff can place an outbound call with a predictive dialer, which increases agent productivity by ensuring calls target available clientele at appropriate times. Automated dialers also improve efficiency by preventing multiple call center staff from contacting the same clientele and preventing staff from making errors when dialing numbers.

Call center software is designed to comply with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations, ensuring call center staff don’t make mistakes that cause your business to violate those regulations. Outbound call centers use contact center software with list-management capabilities, ensuring call center staff follow up with clients when necessary and prioritize urgent tasks. Contracting an outbound call center is an excellent way of accessing call center technology benefits without incurring the cost of purchasing this equipment for your own business.

Outbound call centers can be used for multiple business needs.


Although most people associate outbound call centers with telemarketing, marketing is only one of the ways your dental practice can benefit from using an outbound call center. Customer service representatives can follow up with customers who have outstanding bills to ensure those bills are paid. Shifting marketing and collections tasks to contact center customer service representatives reduces the workload for staff at your practice. It eliminates the need to hire additional staff to handle those issues. Since employee salaries and benefits are expensive, you can save money using a contact center.

Social media is changing how companies promote their services, but effective telemarketing strategies can produce a high return on investment (ROI). While some call center staff may focus on marketing, others can schedule appointments and follow up with patients after receiving treatment. Outbound call center teams reduce workload for onsite staff by prompting patients to book appointments when required. This prevents patients from missing critical checkups. Call center software enables callers to make notes concerning each call, ensuring the staff team can access appropriate information concerning potential clients and current patients.

Call center service isn’t limited to telephone calls.


Outbound call centers can also utilize social media and alternative communication platforms, such as live chat, video calls, and text messages. Multiple communication methods ensure potential clients can communicate in a manner they feel comfortable with, making it more likely they’ll consider using your dental practice’s services.

You can meet customer needs while saving money.


You can save money on equipment costs by contracting services through an outbound call center, and your practice can benefit from securing access to a team of callers with the training and resources required to complete their tasks. You won’t have to worry about compensating for a team of employees you hire when they go on vacation. The call center manager will supervise the workflow and ensure appropriate staff are available to work on your marketing campaign.

Remote call centers can handle off-hours tasks.


Call center technology makes it possible for customer service representatives to work in a central location or remotely. Remote access makes it possible for professional customer service representatives to place calls during the evening instead of the day. Prospective and current patients may not be available to take calls during the day because they’re at work. A remote call center enables you to ensure call center staff follow up appropriately when people are available.

Contracting a call center is an effective way to grow your dental practice because you’ll have access to the technology and staff you need for multiple tasks at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to invest your business capital wisely. Different agents can also contact potential clients during suitable times of day, ensuring your dental practice builds and maintains customer relationships while promoting its services and providing exceptional customer service.