Owning a business is always stressful, even in times when your company is doing great financially. With the ongoing pandemic, it can be really difficult to cope with everyday stress on top of the pressure caused by stay-at-home orders and new protocols when your business is finally able to open. Taking care of your mental health and the mental health of your employees is particularly important at a time like this. Here are a few ways you can accomplish this, so you and your company can come out on the other side of the pandemic thriving.

Give your employees peace of mind

Without a vaccine, it will take you and your employees a while to feel fully comfortable with working conditions. The CDC recommends wearing a facemask whenever you’re in a communal area and staying six feet from other people. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get your business up and running again, there’s an easy way to not only enforce the CDC’s recommendations but also put everyone’s mind more at ease. You can do this by purchasing wholesale logo face masks for everyone in your company.

By providing employees with a mask and requiring them to wear them while they’re at work, you significantly decrease the chance of transmitting COVID, especially if workers are also regularly washing their hands, avoiding touching their faces, and working a safe distance apart. If you provide everyone with a mask, you can more easily regulate healthy habits, because no one will have a good excuse if they’re not wearing one.

City of Angels PPE makes the best cloth face masks on the market. They’re made right in Los Angeles California, which means they’ll ship quickly to your business. Depending on the sizing of your company, there’s bulk pricing available to make the purchase more cost-effective.

City of Angels PPE’s masks come with straps that go around the head for optimal comfort. Also, for every mask they sell, they donate one to a family in need, meaning your company can proudly support the greater good and further prevent the spread of the disease outside of your offices.

Feel comfortable at the helm

You’re running your business during a time of extreme uncertainty. In the modern world, a pandemic of this proportion is uncharted territory for everyone. In order to be certain you’re making sound decisions as a leader, it’s not a bad idea to consider seeing a therapist.

A therapist will help you talk through this murky time, and aid you in coping with your own emotions related to the stress of your business and just the general fear and apprehension that everyone is experiencing. If you’re doing big business, the likelihood is that you’re operating out of New York. If that’s the case, look into getting a therapist in NYC that you can communicate with online until it’s deemed safe to meet in person.

By picking a therapist located in your city, you have the opportunity to continue on after the pandemic when telehealth won’t necessarily be covered by insurance. Encourage your employees to take care of their mental health during this time as well. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help during a challenging time.

Take action in the ways you can

Right now, there are plenty of circumstances out of your control. This can contribute greatly to feelings of anxiety and even depression. A great exercise that will help improve your frame of mind is listing every actionable thing you can do to fix the difficulties that you’re company is facing due to COVID-19. Take into consideration what you can control, list them, and then make a game plan for accomplishing those list items. You’ll feel more productive and forward-moving just by having a plan and a way forward.