Finding a good deal on a used car can be challenging. Even so, thanks to the internet there are dozens of ways to help find a good deal. Finding a used vehicle is a great way to save money; in fact, automobiles are often listed when discussing items that don’t need to be purchased new. Even negotiations can begin online thanks to email and live web chats, giving you more tools in your toolbox as you work to find the best deal possible. Here are a few useful tips and tricks to keep in mind as you shop for a used vehicle you can count on. 

Reference Kelley Blue Book’s car values

Kelley Blue Book is an incredible online resource when shopping for used cars. One of the biggest advantages that it gives you as a shopper is details about what certain cars should be priced at. Using its advanced search tools, you can see what a certain make, model, and year of a vehicle goes for at a private sale as well as from area dealers. It even factors in extra features and condition, which can be useful to cross-reference with a third-party mechanic’s analysis of the vehicle, too. This can help you determine what a vehicle is worth, and gives you the ability to negotiate overpriced cars and spot good deals, too. Particularly if you know you’re interested in a certain make of vehicle, Kelley Blue Book is a good place to start your search. 

Shop around at different dealerships using Car Shopper

One of the biggest advantages afforded to you by technology is the ability to take a look at different dealers’ inventories. This can help you determine whether or not a dealership is even worth visiting in person. For example, you might want to avoid a dealer with limited numbers of Toyotas on the lot if you know you’re committed to purchasing a car of that make. At the same time, you may find the list prices at a certain dealership are much higher than at another dealership. This kind of knowledge can help you determine where to head first as you start to select dealerships to visit for test drives. Ultimately, using a web-based resource to search for used car dealerships in Reading PA at can go a long way in saving you time in your search. 

Don’t be afraid to negotiate through email

While it may sound strange, many buyers have found success in negotiating their car’s price via email. This can be a great strategy if you’re nervous about negotiating in person, but have a firm budget you’d like to stick with. Email allows you to take your time working up the right way to respond to a dealer’s counteroffer, and also provides a written record of the deal they are willing to offer you. Especially with the proliferation of resources like Kelley Blue Book and Car Shopper, you can easily include links to back up your offer. While email won’t always work with every dealership, it’s worth a try. Particularly if the car is one the dealer is eager to get rid of, negotiating via email is a much easier way for the dealer to sell the car, too.

Thanks to technology and the internet, it’s easier than ever to do the research necessary to find a great used car. That said, finding a good deal on a used vehicle does take time, energy, and effort. Resources like Car Shopper make your effort go further, but if you aren’t interested in putting in the legwork, you shouldn’t expect to get a reliable used car. If you follow the suggestions above, you’ll be well on your way to securing a great automobile at a great price.