If you find yourself in the middle of a legal matter, you want to be certain to have the right representation on your side. Choosing the best attorney is not only important but can be narrowed down to simple factors. Whether you need a legal service immediately or just some advice to weigh your options, here are some things to consider when picking the right lawyer for you.

How experienced is your attorney?


It’s important to have years of experience on your side to give you a better chance of navigating litigation to victory. Take attorneys like Malliha Wilson for example. Wilson is the former Assistant Deputy Attorney General for the Canadian province of Ontario. As a Tamil Canadian lawyer, Wilson was the first visible minority to hold that office. Her experience spans multiple branches of complex litigation, also serving as Special Legal Advisor at the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario. She is now a Senior Partner at the Toronto law firm of Nava Wilson LLP.

Ms. Wilson is now using her extensive experience and clout to bring attention to her ancestry in Sri Lanka, promoting the presumed lost works of S.J.V. Chelvanayakam – often referred to as the Gandhi of Sri Lankan Tamils. Wilson’s mother is a librarian credited with rescuing his remaining documents, now having been digitally cataloged for easy access.

What area of law does your case fall under?


It’s important to determine the area of law that your case falls under to make sure you are hiring the right attorney to assist you. If your matter falls into the lines of business law, you want to be sure to find legal assistance with professional achievement among business clients. This can expand into lines of industry like labor law or real estate law depending on the size of a particular case.

When it comes to a matter of family law, you may want to look for an attorney with some sensitivity when it comes to the matter. This could be especially important in divorce cases where children may be involved. The last thing a litigant in these cases wants to do is have children become a pawn, or feel forgotten as a settlement is determined.

How long will you need a lawyer?


When looking for the proper representation, you’ll need to have an idea of how long your case may take in the court system. If you are searching for an attorney in Bethlehem, PA, consider the matter you’re dealing with. Family law issues can run for an extended period of time if a settlement cannot be reached among parties, the same could also be said for personal injury law.

However, if you work with an attorney with a clear path towards settling the matter, you could reach an agreement between parties within a matter of weeks rather than months. Depending on the practice area, experienced family law or personal injury litigants can settle cases with just a little legal advice and quick communication.

What legal services can you afford?


In criminal defense cases in the United States, an attorney is provided for a defendant who may not be able to afford one. The truth is legal expenses can end up surmounting a significant amount of debt. These court-appointed defenders are only used to ask as a criminal defense attorney. When it comes to other matters of litigation, you can look into other forms of government assistance to assure proper representation.

Departments and agencies of state and federal governments often have staff lawyers who can help the general public in limited situations. This usually links to matters of real estate or labor law where discrimination may be at the center of a lawsuit. You can also reach out to your state’s Attorney General for guidance.