Working at home and for yourself comes with a lot of perks. The commute each morning is a breeze, you can wear what you want, and you have your favorite coffee all day! Along with the benefits of a home-based business, however, also come some struggles. Starting and growing an at-home business can be difficult. You have to put in a lot of hard work to carve out your business and make it profitable.

Because you are the owner and operator, you will be the one putting in all of the sweat equity. The good news, though, is that according to a study by the Small Business Administration, operators of America’s home-based businesses generate $102 billion in annual revenue. This points to the fact that there is plenty of potential for success. If you are ready to join these entrepreneurs, let’s take a look at creating selling tools for an at-home business.

Social Media


If you’re in the business of direct sales, such as with Avon or Pampered Chef, then you’ll know the struggle that some have with reaching customers. Success in direct sales comes from some of the same proven elements that make any other business a success. You will need to know the market, find customers, deliver an appealing message, and service them well. The best way to reach customers and sell your message and product is through the successful use of social media. Choosing to be an agent for a company like Paw Tree direct sales from social media promotion. The pet industry is one that offers almost unlimited potential. Direct selling of PawTree products, allows you to appeal to pet parents with online posts that incorporate graphic elements highlighting your pet products and pet food. When you are direct selling products that you can promote online, you will be setting up your at-home business for success. One of the greatest tools for your direct sales company will be your hard work and efforts to create an online presence for your products.

Promotional Products


The best way to sell your products is to sell your business. Promotional materials that showcase both the products and services that you offer will help to advance your at-home business. Stickers, pens, mugs, and other accessories with your logo and slogan can help promote your business and boost customer engagement. For more than just a keepsake, however, and if you want to step up your promotional plan, you could create your own photo book. A custom photo book can tell your story more than just sell your business. A high-quality leather, hardcover or softcover custom photo book can help brand your business. The best photo books demonstrate the creativity, quality, and excellence of your business. Using a company like Shutterfly to help with your photobook will make creation and printing easy. You could even incorporate a coupon, promo codes, or discount offers on extra pages in the book. Promotional products that sell your business and tell your story can be a great tool for advancing your at-home business. Advocacy of your brand is what will propel it forward and these products can be some of your greatest advocates.



In today’s digital climate, websites are a lifeline for many businesses. Statistics show, however, that only 51 percent of small businesses actually have websites. This is even though 97 percent of consumers look for products and services online, according to figures from the SCORE Association. A website can not only help your at-home businesses to promote and sell products and services, it also allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors. This is especially true for your customers who might rely heavily on the internet to learn everything about a product or a company. This makes a website a critical business asset for sharing information, building credibility, and separating yourself in crowded marketplaces.

Having and running a prosperous at-home business is a great way to add flexibility and financial freedom to your life. There is an art to being productive and successful, however. Utilizing all of your available tools will help promote your business and products and could ensure your success as a business owner.