These days, several digital brands have risen to take advantage of the general inclination towards digital platforms for information, trade, education, and so on. However, with new opportunities in digital spaces come many threats towards the modern-day digital business.

Therefore, in this digital era, it would help to take proactive steps towards protecting your valuable digital brand. Luckily, digital companies of all sizes can try some helpful solutions to secure their businesses against many threats. Below are some of the best practices to safeguard your digital brand.

Protect your company’s equipment.


All digital companies still rely on physical equipment and other assets to function effectively, despite being digital. Therefore, it’d be best to develop a strategy to secure your company’s equipment against theft and damage. Seeing as pictures and video content are essential to your digital brand’s functioning, you’ll likely have equipment like laptops, scanners, printers, high-end cameras, video rigs, among others. Managing these assets to ensure they don’t get damaged or missing is undoubtedly necessary but somewhat challenging and time-consuming. If you’re looking for trusted asset management software, turn to the asset management pros at CHEQROM.

CHEQROM is an innovative asset management solution that makes it easier for businesses to track all vital hardware assets central to their operations. Automation is at the heart of this asset management software, allowing you to keep asset information, bookings, and checkout-out information all in one app. This asset management system enables you to track your IT assets by scanning them with barcodes and QR codes, preventing them from getting damaged or lost. You can also monitor asset utilization, which allows you to know in real-time which employee is using which assets, thereby making them more accountable. Equipment booking, scheduling, and preventive maintenance are also easier with this innovative IT asset management solution, which is way more efficient than your typical spreadsheet.

Bolster your cyber defenses.

Engaging with your clients across the web, mobile apps, and social media is convenient but potentially risky if left unsecured. As a digital brand, you have to guard against social account takeovers from hackers who may hijack your social media accounts to publish malicious content or distribute malware to unsuspecting customers. Many criminals also seek access to vital customer information and may target your brand with phishing attacks and direct hack attempts to get what they want. Using secure authentication, updating your device’s antivirus software, and implementing frequent backups are practical ways to secure your business. However, a more thorough cybersecurity plan is always prudent. Recognized cybersecurity firms such as CastleLock can help with these concerns.

Castlerock is a leading cybersecurity firm providing information security and information technology consulting services to large companies and other businesses across many industries. The Department of Defense’s audits show how devastating cyber-attacks can be to business owners, costing billions in cash and intellectual property losses. CastleLock’s penetration testing, application security, insider threat mitigation, among others, help reduce client’s cybersecurity risks. Their Iaas and Saas cloud services also allow companies to manage costs, increase scalability, and accelerate solution implementations. What’s more, their consultants have decades of experience in securing all computing assets in a client’s network. Their website also provides vital insights into seamless cloud migration and compliance audits, among others.

Invest in your employees.

Employees are at the heart of your business operations, which is why it’s prudent to invest in them to make your organization secure and productive. Educating your employees on the best security practices is one way to ensure that your brand is protected against external threats like phishing attacks. Also, consider investing in your employees through means like an employee stock ownership plan that makes workers stakeholders in your company by selling company stock to them. The best answer to the question “what is an ESOP?” is given by experienced business advisors. Strategic financial advisors such as PCE Companies can help with this need.

PCE Companies are investment bankers and valuation professionals providing top-notch valuation, investment banking, advisory, and ESOP services to clients. Their clients receive senior-level support from experts who have practically managed and owned similar middle-market companies. In an ESOP, your company sets up a trust fund in which it invests new shares of its own stock or money to purchase existing shares. It’s an employee benefit plan because shares are allocated to individual employee accounts.

For owners, this provides a tax-advantaged way to sell off a portion of your company. ESOP’s help the board of directors align employee goals with company goals to improve organizational performance. ESOP participants (employees) become more invested in your business and are more motivated and satisfied, leading to increased organizational performance. This increased performance leads to higher share prices and higher balances in employee’s ESOP accounts, which is a win-win for both the company and its workers.

In conclusion, protecting any business, including a digital brand, should be a priority for all entrepreneurs. The above-listed points are a few helpful ways to secure your digital brand in today’s world effectively.