Saving for your child’s education is something that millions of U.S. families plan for every year. By starting early, saving for this important expense can be made far easier. Unfortunately, far too many families put off the educational saving needs of their children, thinking that time will remain on their side.

Saving for college is easy with the help of many structured investment products that exist on the market these days, and they all share the same principle element: The leverage granted by time.

The truth is that many people have the time-money relationship backward in their heads. Investing while your child is still babbling and preparing to stand or walk will give you nearly two decades to save, which means that the principal of your investment will double at least twice.

Simply put, tackling the cash reserve that your child will eventually need while he or she is still young will provide you with the greatest growth potential, translating into a far smaller actual financial burden on you.

Time equals money


The time-money relationship suggests that early money is the smart money, at all times. Investing now for your child’s future will give you far greater purchasing power over the long term. Given the continually rising cost of education in the United States and all around the world, building a second “nest egg” for expenses relating to educational attainment is a must for anyone who wants to send their children off to college or a private university. The cost of college is one that can easily sneak up on a family, from the college counselor price to room and board costs that go above and beyond the actual tuition and expense of books that many people immediately recognize when approaching college spending.

Time and money combine to play a huge role in this eventual success. Early investments, placed primarily in growth assets like Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), index funds, and other, more defensive options will balloon over time into the resources that your child will need to purchase their ticket to future opportunity, and at a rock bottom price point.

Discounts and Price Reductions


Utilizing discount opportunities is a great way to create additional cash flow that can facilitate these investments. Early childhood years are expensive, there’s no getting around this fact, but discounts like Rx coupons and other pharmacy savings schemes can help make a huge dent in one consistent and expensive drain on your family’s cash flow. A prescription drug discount at your local pharmacy can provide a unique level of financial aid that will facilitate general savings and long-term investments for educational financial aid—whether your child ends up adding scholarship funding to the mix or not.

A prescription discount coupon is crucial for family finances anyway and should come to make up a significant chunk of your financial planning regardless of your future plans or fiscal needs. Prescription drug coupons for use at thousands of pharmacies around the United States are helping Americans reduce the burden of medical expenses, which average out at around $1,200 per person per year on prescription medication alone.

Saving for your children’s college costs is something that every parent should prioritize early on. Starting the savings process for this expense while your baby is still in diapers is the best way to realize the profits you will need to amass while keeping the actual burden on your cash flow as low as possible. A few dollars a week in infancy will translate into thousands after years of compound interest adjustments. Start now to save for your child’s future and you won’t regret it!