Investing is all about understanding the trends that will carry consumer habits into the future. In order to make smart financial decisions, you need to remain on top of the latest news and create your own analysis surrounding the direction of market sentiment at all times.



One example of this is in the purchase of new vehicles. Car manufacturers are moving toward a greener model, and there has to be a reason for this push for renewable energy for personal vehicles. Whether you are looking for a bargain on used cars Moose Jaw or are thinking of a brand new vehicle, selecting one with great gas mileage is an important consideration, but so too is the future of available power for your mode of transportation. Many people drive a car for as many as 10 years at a time, meaning that consumers who buy diesel vehicles today likely won’t, but may just find a new degree of scarcity by the time they are preparing to replace the car with a newer one.

Cars are only one aspect of the changing social landscape of green energy and responsible environmental protection. Other firms are getting in on the ground floor of this movement as well, and investors are seeing a change in the way that the market reacts as a result.

Gold Mining


In short, consumers reward firms that prioritize environmental upkeep. Frequenting businesses that utilize paper straws, edging out producers who are still using dirty power to fuel their manufacturing tasks, and many other activities are ongoing in the social media-fueled world of tomorrow. Consumers are now participating directly in the industrial processes that once largely remained behind the scenes. Yet in today’s world, many millions of people understand just what’s at stake if we can’t collectively change the ways in which we engage with the world we live in.

Alamos Gold (NYSE: AGI; TSE: AGI) is at the forefront of this revolution in the gold mining industry. Alamos is a gold mining multinational based in Toronto. Alamos operates three mines in constant operation in North America (the Mulatos Mine in Mexico and the Young-Davidson and Island Gold Mines in Northern Ontario, Canada). The gold miner is pioneering new mining techniques that eliminate the need for harsh chemicals like cyanide that all too often drain out into the surrounding groundwaters that local communities rely on for drinking, cooking, and sanitation.

As well, Alamos is working toward a plugged-in electricity network at each of its three operating mines in North America. At the Mulatos Mine location, the entire system is powered off the national grid rather than diesel or gasoline generators. This is a major reduction to the enormous toll that many gold miners exert on their local environments in the form of smoke and other fuel-burning byproducts.

Alamos has been rewarded by the markets as a result of the environmentally forward changes that have continued to characterize the firm. In its Kirazli project in the Republic of Turkey, ounces of gold (in the hundred thousand ounces per year range) will be extracted at an industry-leading cost—even after factoring in the additional expense of production with these systemic changes. Investors love the balm that companies like Alamos provide to their portfolios and to the environment itself.

Championing environmental responsibility is no longer a fringe issue. Some of the biggest names in the industry are getting behind these changes and you must take note as an investor. These pioneers in the green revolution of manufacturing and industry are likely going to emerge at the forefront of the new marketplace that fully incorporates environmental protections. The world is moving quickly toward these new inclusions, so make sure that your portfolio and consumer goods keep up with the shift.