Most people believe that you have to pick one lane and stay in it for life, but there are plenty of businessmen, artists, and other high-achievers showing that that way of thinking simply isn’t necessary. One such example is lawyer Howard Fensterman, sometimes referred to as one of the most interesting men on Long Island. A New York attorney, Fensterman has no qualms about pursuing his passions outside the world of law. In fact, in addition to his involvement with a reputable law firm, Mr. Fensterman is also known as a mineralist and philanthropist. Learn more about Fensterman’s three passions below and you’ll see just how easy it is to follow your dreams while still staying true to yourself.



As a co-founder and executive partner of Abrams, Fensterman law firm, Howard Fensterman is perhaps best known for his work in the world of law. Abrams Fensterman was started in the 2000s and has grown exponentially since its founding, now encompassing a variety of attorneys in a practice that serves clients all over the state of New York. From Lake Success to Brooklyn, you can likely find legal representation from Abrams Fensterman if you live in New York. One area where Fensterman has really shined is in helping to protect the interests of investors, although he has made a name for himself in healthcare law, too. Over the course of his practice, Mr. Fensterman has had a role in supporting clients in a variety of high-profile cases that show off his skill and expertise—traits that were fostered at Georgetown’s Law Center.



There’s a stereotype that lawyers are greedy and just looking to make a lot of money, but Fensterman shows that that’s not a fair characterization of all lawyers with his philanthropic work. His experience in healthcare law has made him a valuable member of the Board of Trustees of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, and he proudly serves the Long Island Chapter of the Colitis Foundation. Mr. Fensterman also has raised money for a wide array of causes, including the Israel Children’s Cancer Foundation. From his work with a charity to the roles he plays on various foundations and boards, it’s clear that Fensterman is just as much a dedicated philanthropist as he is a dedicated attorney.



Perhaps one of his more eclectic traits, Fensterman is passionate about gemstones and minerals. He shares his love of geology and minerals with others via a website he launched entitled, which serves as a resource for others interested in learning more about minerals. If you’re looking to get started collecting gemstones of your own, Fensterman is a great resource, as his love of gemstones, rocks, and minerals have gained him a bit of a reputation as an authority on the subject. Overall, Fensterman’s avid passion for minerals and gemstones illustrates that you can be a busy and successful lawyer while still making time for both charity and your hobbies.

From his hobbies in geology and minerals to his philanthropic work in the world of public health, Mr. Fensterman’s life illustrates that there’s more to success than just picking one job or passion and sticking to it. Humans are multifaceted, and it’s important to stay true to all of your passions in life in order to lead a full life. Whether that’s pursuing work as an attorney, going back to school to pursue filmmaking, or joining a recreational Ultimate Frisbee league, there are plenty of ways that you can tap into your true wants and desires on the road to living a fulfilling and successful life. When in doubt, just ask yourself, “What would Fensterman do?”