Homeowners are increasingly adopting smart home technology as part of their home improvement projects. Smart home devices combine artificial intelligence and Wi-Fi connectivity to automate or streamline tasks in your home. Smart devices include smart lighting, smart speakers, and other smart appliances that work with voice commands or a smartphone. Home automation systems are growing in popularity and are becoming a selling point for potential buyers. There are several smart home products that homeowners can adopt that will increase their home’s value and boost its resale value. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering adapting your house into a smart home.

Home automation adds value.


It doesn’t cost a lot of money to adopt home automation. Smart homes create a certain wow factor that makes a lasting impression on prospective buyers during open houses. The real estate market is full of move-in-ready properties that feature smart home devices. Buyers are willing to pay for home automation, assuming the seller isn’t asking for more than the features are worth. Smart homes are known to be listed for higher prices and often sell faster, especially if buyers find the same smart devices they planned to install.

Smart Climate Control


An automation addition that will increase the value of your home is a smart thermostat. The best way to reduce energy consumption and lower your energy costs is to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Smart thermostats feature remote control and allow homeowners to control their heating and cooling systems from anywhere. The best way to describe what a smart home is is that it’s a home of convenience, accessibility, and energy efficiency.

It’s a good idea to keep up with the regular maintenance of your HVAC system in addition to using a smart thermostat. Miller Plumbing & Heating has years of experience performing maintenance and repairs that maximize the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. Their expert technicians also offer plumbing, heating, water heaters, thermostat, home security, and smart home technology installations.

Smart Security Systems


Home security is a priority for many homeowners and smart security systems add the extra peace of mind of knowing that intruders can’t get in. Smart alarm systems are controlled with a smartphone app or voice commands and send homeowners text alerts anytime someone enters the home. Home security automation is a big selling feature for prospective buyers. A smart lock on the front door eliminates the need for a key and instead uses a keycode or fingerprint reader to open the door. Smart locks are especially useful for landlords who need to grant tenants access to the property.

Smart Lights


An easy way to reduce energy usage and improve energy efficiency is to install smart lights. Lighting control adds home value for little money. LED smart bulbs use less energy and Wi-Fi-enabled lighting control allows you to control the brightness of light fixtures. You can control smart lights with your smartphone based on a schedule and using a motion detector.

Home improvements make a big difference in the resale value of your home. Real estate agents recommend investing in renovations and home improvements that will yield the highest return before the first open house. Targeting the least attractive areas of your home is a smart way to attract homebuyers. Yemen Sound offers advice for home sellers with a limited budget for renovations before the sale.

Energy efficiency upgrades offer a high ROI and increase the resale value of your home. Have a professional technician inspect kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, and dryer to ensure they are in working condition. Insulating your attic and installing new windows is also a good idea if you are selling an older home.

Curb appeal is the first impression buyers have of your home. Power wash the exterior, give it a fresh coat of paint, improve the landscaping, update or replace the garage door, and paint your front door a bold color. A full kitchen renovation is a big project that offers the highest return for homeowners. You can install new countertops, update the kitchen cabinets, upgrade the faucet and install new hardware, install a tile backsplash, refinish the floors, and install new fixtures.

Installing smart home systems is a wise investment that increases the value of your home and improves the chances of a faster home sale for a higher price.