Technology refers to a refined technique or process for performing a task. Technology started with stone tools and has evolved. Today, many people associate technology with electronic devices and software.

The most significant technological achievements include the internet, computers, and telephones. Thanks to the internet and wireless technology, people can use smartphones and tablets to stay connected and perform critical tasks from any location. This has transformed work processes for companies because businesses can use technological devices loaded with custom software to increase efficiency and reduce operating expenses. Let’s look at the best technology commercial vehicle companies can use to improve their operations.

How can custom fleet software help your business?


Data is the most valuable commodity today. Businesses rely on data, and accessing accurate data can transform operations. Getting helpful information helps businesses respond in real-time to address fleet operations. Using fleet management software ensures you have access to crucial data.

Fleet management software provides crucial vehicle data, such as which vehicles get the best miles per gallon (MPG). Your fleet telematics report can also determine which drivers get the best MPG rates and have the best safety records, enabling you to evaluate driver performance from a distance. This data enables you to identify ways to reduce fuel consumption and increase fuel efficiency.

Your fleet telematics system will also supply information about vehicles idling and determine which vehicles have the most mechanical issues. You can use this valuable data to determine which vehicles to purchase when expanding your fleet, ensuring you avoid downtime due to vehicle maintenance issues.

Using last-mile route analytics software allows you to gather pertinent information automatically. The software records when drivers depart and arrive at their destinations, so you don’t have to worry about drivers forgetting to record that data. This software also determines the precise amount of time it takes to complete tasks. Use this information to supply accurate delivery estimates and assign vehicles to routes. The data supplied by this software can help you clarify obstacles and determine how to adjust your routes or driver assignments to increase efficiency. You’ll also gather data about your customers, enabling you to determine which clients have the most significant accounts and evaluate their changing needs.

Your company can also invest in custom apps for drivers. Drivers can use Eleos to communicate with dispatchers in real-time. This prevents delays when drivers need feedback from the dispatchers, enabling your entire time to respond to operational issues swiftly.

How can your company benefit from installing dash cams?

Dash cams are small cameras mounted inside vehicles. The camera’s lens faces the vehicle’s windshield, and the camera records live footage, producing a visual record of events. The Lytx DriveCamĀ® activates when it detects an issue, such as drivers using cell phones or swerving vehicles. Lytx dash cams connect to the cloud, which means you have prompt access to video footage.

Using dash cams isn’t just about catching drivers who aren’t performing optimally. Dashcam footage can be analyzed and used to identify real safety risks, such as whether drivers stay too close to other vehicles. Use this information to help drivers alter their habits. You may also identify ways your company’s actions can improve driver safety.

What are commercial vehicle companies?


Individuals and companies use commercial vehicles to move people or goods between locations. One example would be a bus company transporting passengers. Companies moving goods or resources from place to place also qualify. These companies rely on their vehicles to provide services to generate a profit. The company’s ability to generate revenue can be compromised by unreliable vehicles that break down regularly and unsafe drivers who get traffic violations.

Companies using vehicles to transport passengers or goods depend on reliable vehicles and safe drivers to generate revenue. Investing in fleet management software and dash cams is an excellent way for companies to manage their fleet using accurate real-time data.