Cannabis is derived from either a seed or a clone. Cannabis seeds contain genetic information from two different parent plants and can result in several different trait combinations from the mother and the father plants. Growers typically plant several seeds of the same strain and select the best plant. Clones are then taken from the chosen plant, which results in consistent genetics for mass production. Growers can purchase cannabis seeds or clones from dispensaries or online seed banks.

CBD Seeds 101


The great thing about growing your own cannabis seeds is how many different options are on the market today. Feminized cannabis seeds produce female-only plants for buds, meaning there’s no need to remove male plants. Feminized seeds are almost identical to their self-pollinated female parent plant, which results in a single set of genes. Experienced growers don’t typically use feminized cannabis seeds because a single set of genes isn’t ideal for breeding new strains. Newbie growers can start with feminized cannabis seeds because they don’t have to be preoccupied with male plants.

Autoflowering seeds are also a good option for newbie growers because they don’t rely on an accurate light cycle or light exposure to grow. Some breeders cross high-CBD hemp with cannabis to produce high-CBD strains with little or no THC. High-CBD strains aren’t guaranteed to produce high levels of CBD at first, but with cultivation, growers can eventually create a new strain with consistent results.

The cannabis industry is brimming with brands and companies offering high-quality products. Online seed banks offer growers the convenience and discretion of purchasing cannabis seeds at an affordable price with stealth delivery. The best way to choose a reliable seed company is to read customer reviews from a reputable site such as CBD Nerds. The e-commerce site offers a Growers Choice Seeds review that details the great pricing, discount offers, discreet shipping, germination guarantee, product quality, and customer service of the online seed bank. Growers Choice Seeds offers high CBD medical seeds and cannabis seeds in a variety of different strains.

Potential customers can choose from over 50 different strains of high-quality cannabis seeds that are fully feminized or opt for auto-flowering seeds. All of their seeds undergo third-party lab testing to ensure genetics. Growers can find a specialty line of medical marijuana seeds that enhance natural health and wellness, as well as different strains with varying levels of THC and CBD. Some of the most popular strains offered by Growers Choice Seeds include Gorilla Glue auto-flowering seeds, Chemdog Feminized cannabis seeds, and CBD Critical Mango medical feminized seeds. Best of all, the seed company offers discount codes that can be applied at checkout.

Types of CBD


Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD companies use a variety of extraction methods to produce a range of cannabidiol types. Full-spectrum products contain all parts of the cannabis plant and contain 0.3 percent THC content or less. Broad-spectrum products contain most of the cannabis plant compounds and trace amounts of THC. Isolate products contain pure CBD and no other cannabinoids or THC.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate CBD or back any claims about the supposed therapeutic health benefits of using it. When searching for high-quality products, it’s a good idea to exercise caution before trying any type of CBD product. Always speak with your doctor before trying CBD to ensure you aren’t at risk for any negative side effects or interactions with prescription medications or medical treatments.

Pros and Cons of Seeds


Growing from seed is the best way to grow plants with consistent genetics that aren’t tainted by diseases or pests. Purchasing seeds from a reputable breeder or seed bank gives growers a better idea of how a particular strain will look, smell, grow, and yield. The main downside of growing plants from seeds is that there’s no guarantee on the type of strain you’ll end up with since packs of cannabis seeds have a mix of male and female seeds. Feminine seed selection eliminates time spent sexing out male seeds from female seeds. Growers can also skip the sexing and germination process by starting with clones instead of seeds.