As the name implies, a recreational vehicle (RV) can give a person a sense of enjoyment and freedom, allowing them to spend their time cruising the roads. Many people have begun living in RVs and no longer see these vehicles as just transportation for long vacations or cross-country trips. Recent years have seen RV ownership and full-time RV living increase, with 1 million RV owners in the United States identifying themselves as full-time RVers. If you’re an RVer living in a motorhome or camper, you’ll want to protect your RV, ensure it’s in good condition, and keep it as safe as possible while you travel, relax, cook, and sleep on the road. You can do so by getting your RV insured under warranty. Listed below are reasons an RV warranty is beneficial.

RV warranties allow you to save money and handle any financial risk.

Many RVers may admit that having a new RV or used RV maintained and serviced can be quite expensive. To make caring for your RV more affordable, consider obtaining a warranty to cover your vehicle. Also known as a service contract, an RV warranty enables you to protect yourself and handle the financial risks associated with costly repairs for RV breakdowns. Labor rates for specific fixes and replacement prices for certain RV parts can be hundreds of dollars to thousands. With an extended warranty, you can cover repairs at the cost of a low deductible.

The best warranty provider offers RV warranty insurance covering various mechanical components, including engines, water heaters, air conditioners, slide-out mechanisms, and other accessories. Whether you own a Class A, B, or C motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel, or toy hauler, the protection plan you get with an RV warranty from America’s RV Warranty (ARW) can make full-time RVing a less financially stressful experience.

With a warranty, it will be easier to have your RV repaired.


While servicing and maintaining your RV may be expensive, such care can be the key to maximizing its longevity. RVs are at an increased risk of electrical and mechanical failure compared to standard vehicles. Data suggest that an RV’s chances of a breakdown and depreciation continue growing after the first year, fifth year, and 10th year. However, a well-built and well-cared-for RV can last as long as 20 years. An extended warranty can make necessary maintenance or damage repairs easier. Typically, warranty providers may refer you to a repair shop, help with your claim, and pay for service costs, ultimately expediting the process. Without warranty coverage, you’d likely waste much of your time searching for the cheapest repair options before you can even have your RV fixed. Even then, you’d probably have to pay the total costs. With an RV extended warranty, you can eliminate stress and save time during the repair process and have your RV back on the road in no time.

Extended RV warranties may come with extra benefits.


A high-quality RV warranty policy includes benefits that enhance your vehicle’s safety and protect you during emergencies. In the unfortunate circumstance that your RV breaks down and leaves you stranded on the side of the road, an RV warranty that offers emergency roadside assistance will cover towing costs and other roadside services. Like those provided by ARW, the best warranties may also include additional benefits like tire protection and power surge, towing, and wheel coverage.

An RV warranty can give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Considering you’ve probably drafted your travel budget to cover significant expenses like fuel, food, safety gear, and road equipment, it may be hard to save money for emergency repairs that could cost thousands of dollars. With an RV warranty, you don’t have to worry about budgeting so much money for an emergency fund, nor do you have to stress about what to do if a breakdown or accident occurs. Obtaining an RV warranty can be the key to venturing on the open road without worries and enhancing your RV ownership experience.