When thinking about renovations for your home, not many homeowners think about the bathroom first. Maybe you think about the kitchen or the bedroom because they are rooms you spend more time in and are, frankly, more polite to discuss. Nevertheless, having a gorgeous master bath with a cascading shower contributes greatly to your quality of life.

Imagine ending the day in a luxurious bath, with Dead Sea salt and a lavender fragrance, or maybe some bubbles. Just let the stress and worries flow off you and down the drain. You can’t do that in a crummy bath or shower, can you? If you’re considering renovating your home, here are some reasons why your bath should be the first place you start looking.

Checking in on your plumbing is good for structural integrity.

Sure, a cascading shower or a luxurious bath is reason enough to choose a bathroom renovation over installing a new window in the kitchen, but there are more practical reasons as well. A sound plumbing system in your master bath or guest bath will also mean that no leaks are present, and no moisture and condensation are allowing your walls to turn into a hotbed of mold and mildew. Mold is both gross and toxic, especially black mold. Plus, if left unattended, it can literally eat away at your foundations and crucial structural elements like support beams. Any loose grout or tiles can be an invitation for mildew to make a home in your walls, but calling in the pros at Lux Bath can ease your mind. You’ll have a better experience in your bathroom, and you’ll know that your home is safe, too.

Relaxing in a new bath or shower lets you focus on the important stuff.

When you don’t need to worry about spores in your walls and you can take an Epsom salt soak at the end of a long day, you aren’t distracted by sore muscles or worries. That means that you can pay attention to your kids’ achieving academic excellence and considering what high school they want to attend. If you’re religious, you may want your teens to attend Catholic preparatory high school for quality education, but you can’t do that if you’re distracted by an unseemly bathroom. Tuition is enough of a worry, and you can focus on covering it when you know that your home is in good shape.

Let out your inner interior designer.

Bathroom renovations are a great opportunity to have some fun with interior design. Take some time to browse Etsy for ideas, and maybe even purchase some cute containers for your epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, or fragrances from an Etsy crafter. While you’re browsing, maybe you’ll come up with an idea for a new window shade in the bathroom as well, and you may end up putting together a design for the chicest room in the house. Whether you’re planning a minimalist bathroom design or a colorful bathroom a la Carnival in Brasil, you’ll get plenty of inspiration from the crafters on Pinterest, Etsy, and other online sites.

If you’re the organizer in your household, you know how important it is to choose home improvement projects carefully. Not everything is worthwhile, and you have to prioritize—especially if you’re planning on saving for tuition for West Catholic Preparatory High School. With that in mind, it’s good to know that some remodeling projects are good to put first. Finding reliable builders and installers to work on your bathroom is good for your home’s structural integrity, for your mental health, and for having some fun with implementing new design elements into your home.