Some helped you succeed in your career, some covered for you when you were ill, and some have been the support you needed to get through this last year. Regardless of whether you got to work from home or not when the pandemic hit the U.S., you still more than likely hold a certain level of affection for your coworkers.

So, you probably desire to get the perfect gift ready before February 14th sneaks up on you. Considering that Dr. Fauci has predicted that the U.S. won’t reach a level of “normality” until the end of 2021 (and that’s only if 75-80 percent of us get vaccinated), we could all use a loving gesture about now. And what better time than Valentine’s Day for such a gesture? Check out the following gift ideas to give your coworkers this Valentine’s Day.


For a start, you can’t go wrong with roses for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day roses are a popular flower for a reason. From classic red roses or blush-worthy pink roses to the elegance of white roses, the brightness of yellow roses, or a unique combination of these colors for your Valentine roses, you simply can’t go wrong with a bouquet of a dozen roses. That’s probably why CNN reports that more than 250 million roses are produced in the U.S. for Valentine’s Day alone.

While it’s nearly impossible to disappoint with a dozen roses, there are some that may desire something more unique for their bouquets. You could also consider a combination of pink roses, red roses, and their favorite flower to make a personalized and beautiful bouquet. The florists at Bouqs have a wide selection of Valentine’s Day flowers to choose from including lilies, tulips, orchids, sunflowers, carnations, and succulents. Bouqs prides itself on working with growers who care about sustainability and other eco-friendly practices as much as they do, which helps them provide fresher, longer-lasting flowers. If this is your first-time ordering flowers, consider adding a vase to your purchase so they can get those stems in freshwater.

Bonus tip: make the flowers a surprise by having them delivered 2-3 days before Valentine’s Day so they can watch as their dozen roses bloom.

IPv4 addresses

Do you have a loved one starting a business? Then consider the gift of an IPv4 address block. You can buy IPv4 through IPv4 Brokers to save yourself some time and money. The experienced team at IPv4 Brokers will do your research for you and negotiate the price for you, all while providing ultimate protection and the right-to-use. According to IPv4 Brokers, since the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) confirmed in 2015 that they won’t provide any further “free space”, you can basically only purchase IPv4 through the transfer process from sellers in a secondary market.

Considering that there are rules and regulations imposed by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), and some regions require pre-approval through the Regional Internet Registry (RIR), it can be a risky process to try to purchase IPv4 addresses on your own. This means that hiring a broker to buy IPv4 for you and to handle the transfer of IPv4 addresses and to get you the best deal possible is the best way to buy IPv4 addresses.


Let your coworker(s) know how much you’ve missed them over quarantine by getting them a nice Valentine’s Day-themed candle. The Mayo Clinic notes that, while research on aromatherapy is limited, there is some evidence to suggest that aromatherapy with lavender oil might relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve quality of life, and improve sleep quality. There are even small studies that suggest a possible benefit in certain types of pain management. That’s why a lavender-scented candle could be just what they need to get through 2021.

Gifts on a Budget

Something as small as Sweetheart candies can be enough to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Or consider making heart-shaped cookies and wrapping them in clear plastic with a red ribbon. If you’re good at crafting, consider making those closest to you something else handmade. Sometimes, letting someone know you were thinking about them is enough.

Bonus tip: you can find all kinds of easy and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas for coworkers on sites like Etsy, where you can also support and small businesses.

“Plague Valentine’s Day” gift bags

For those trying to be “on theme” and keep this difficult time a bit lighter, consider making your own gift bags with a plague theme. Get little decorative bags on Amazon and fill them with a fun mix of Valentine’s Day and plague themed items such as little hand sanitizers, something featuring the plague doctor (you can find plush toys, key chains, clothing, masks, etc. online), Valentine’s Day-themed face covering, candy, a mug, soap, a single artificial black rose, etc.

An article published in The Atlantic late last year discussed how the “plague doctor looks” starting trending in 2019, but, unsurprisingly, it “blew up” once the pandemic hit the U.S. By the end of 2020, the plague doctor had made Tumblr’s list of “biggest memes” and has become a way for young people to have some fun dressing up and finding a way to relate to each other during the hardships of the pandemic.

Something Specific to Them

Psychology Today article from late 2019 reported that research shows that gift-recipients enjoy receiving items from a “wish list” as opposed to “alternative choices” such as surprise items. Therefore, you may be better off to gift your Valentine something you know they need or want.

For example, maybe they have recently chipped their favorite coffee mug or have little to no decorations on their desk. Or perhaps they are always talking about a certain restaurant or coffee shop. A gift card in a mug with their favorite candy could be the ideal adorable and practical gift you’re looking for.

Whether you’re opting for Valentine’s Day flowers like red roses and tulips or organizing the transfer of IPv4 address blocks for your coworker’s new business endeavor, you can find the right Valentine’s gift for your best pal as long as you keep their specific situation in mind.