Selling your wares door to door or over the phone has changed a lot thanks to advances in technology. However, even though the idea of a traveling salesman as depicted in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman has gone by the wayside, sales teams still use telephones and other technology in their offices in order to coordinate and conduct sales. 

Nowadays, being able to have a customer convert relies just as much on the salesman as it does on marketing and IT teams. In an era with so many ways of communicating, understanding how and when to leverage the right technology can make a big difference in improving your bottom line. Here are a few things to keep in mind about how to best use tech to promote sales. 

First and foremost, your sales team will be nowhere without a good outbound call center software solution. Much better than the antiquated way in which leads were handled and passed from salesperson to salesperson, modern outbound call center software allows agents to have a wealth of information about the customer they are speaking with. This is because customer records from CRM platforms like Salesforce are automatically integrated with the call center software. The same can be said for what recent marketing campaigns a specific consumer saw and their last few points of contact with your business. All of this information combines to give your sales agents a much clearer picture of who is on the other end of the phone, ultimately leading to more targeted sales tactics and an actual sale.

 Best of all, modern call center software systems utilize the cloud which means your customer data is secure and protected. It can also be accessed at any time from anywhere. This makes it easier for administrators and managers to track and measure and individual salespersons’ metrics. 

Of course, there are some times when you do not need to have a live agent speak with the customer you’re reaching out to. Especially for cold or lukewarm leads, it’s just as effective to send a voicemail drop to the customer as it is to devote human resources to the potential sale. In these situations, a ringless voicemail drop by Straticsnetworks can deliver all of the information you need to relay to the customer in a personable and effective manner. 

Unlike other methods of communication, voicemail still carries a certain amount of weight with consumers. This is especially true with smartphone notifications lighting up or creating badges that don’t disappear until a customer listens to the voicemail. With a ringless voicemail drop, you can deliver messages to customers who opted into your communications without their phone ever ringing. This makes it much more likely that they will actually listen to your voice message, which increases the likelihood of a sale. 

When it comes to gathering leads to reach out to with your outbound sales team, social media can be a major boon. Facebook and other social platforms offer powerful lead generation campaigns you can use to get users in specific demographics to opt-in to hearing more information from your business. 

These lead gen forms can be used as targeted ads that users see while browsing the popular social networking site, and you can target specific groups of people based on a variety of criteria, behaviors, and geography. All of this ensures you are getting leads with a high probability of being interested in your products and services so that when it comes time for a sales agent to reach out to them, you know there is a good chance they will convert to a sale. 

Thanks to advancements in technology, sales teams are able to operate in a much more tactical manner than previous generations. Using the right software solution, as well as leads which you have gathered yourself and the proper medium, your sales team will be able to increase their sales and productivity at the same time.