Your home is your most valuable asset. It contains most of your belongings that come with irreplaceable memories. What’s more, it provides a safe space for yourself and those you love most. So, ensuring its security and integrity is non-negotiable.

There is no doubt that burglars, armed robbers, assassins, and even serial killers are always on the prowl. With prompt and reliable home security, you’ll go to bed with peace of mind knowing you are safe. On that note, we’ve listed below four great ways to protect your home.

1. Join a homeowners association.


Joining a homeowners association comes with many benefits. Firstly, you’ll have reliable contacts to call in the event of an emergency. You’ll also be more be aware of trends in the covered locality. What’s more, you’ll have access to the background information of new residents and workers.

So if an ex-con man moves to your area, you’re most likely to know to find out from other locals. Some communities even set up vigilante units to help keep an eye on the local vicinity. Well-organized clubs like the AFC Home Club typically partner with other local organizations. Club members are often entitled to discounts and are offered a variety of coverage plans.

2. Use a traceable service provider.

Homeowners usually make the mistake of hiring random people to do a maintenance job for them. Usually, this is because they want to avoid a high service fee or a long waiting period. This, to a certain extent, makes sense. Let’s say, for instance, you’re new in Miami Florida. The air duct of your ac unit gets choked with debris or mold. The norm is to get a technician recommended by a colleague or neighbor.

This comes with many disadvantages and leaves you vulnerable. Should something unexpected happen, very likely, you won’t be able to trace the person. All you’ll have is a phone number. Now, if you opt for a registered service provider that does air duct cleaning in Miami, FL, for example, you’ll save yourself the trouble. Registered companies can quickly identify and track their own technicians. Such firms also guarantee you a warranty. So, in the event of damage or improper service, you won’t need to spend extra.

3. Use advanced technological devices.


Smart homes are now the norm and are leading when it comes to home security. Due to great strides in technology, security devices are now very reliable. You simply have to make sure they function well. Certify they’re durable and long-lasting. Also, ensure they don’t require expensive repairs and come with a good warranty. A simple research on Google Reviews or Trust Pilot should provide the necessary information.

Also, try to have alarm systems and sensors strategically placed around the home. As for the outside, motion-detecting automatic floodlights will come in handy. Furthermore, you can fix high-tech reinforced steel doors with a microchipped card. A good I.T technician should do a great job fixing locks that respond only to your microchipped card.

4. Instill a security-conscious habit.

Illegal entries into homes are sometimes due to negligence. Examples include a window being left open, a key left in the hole, a malfunctioning appliance, or lack of maintenance. It would be best always maintain your home security setup. You can do this before leaving the house and before going to bed.

Ensure that the doors, windows, and every other source of entry and exit are correctly locked. Regularly check on your security devices, e.g., your alarms and cameras. Ensure they’re functioning correctly. Also, try to be observant, and be aware of strangers and odd movements of people. It’s well within your rights to ask questions or forward anything unusual to the police.