A hands-on career is something that many of us aspire to. The ability to mold something under the weight of our own strength and craftsmanship is something that not many can claim. But it’s something that gives people some of the greatest satisfaction in this world.

Artisans out there are always on the lookout for their next project or career move. If you’ve been contemplating a trade-in of that complacent office job for something more ‘handsy,’ then you are in the right place to take that next step toward your fulfilled future.


There really is nothing like molding a piece of supple tree into the art of a chair, table, or bench. The ability to transform one of nature’s most abundant resources into the things we use every day is a great way to make things with your hands while using some of the most beautiful materials given to us by our Earth. Wooden furniture is also a premium product in the eyes of many discerning buyers, so a skilled craftsman may very well be able to sell his or her works for a pretty penny as well!

Automotive Service

Another great space for those who love hands-on work is the garage. An AOS degree is all you need to jumpstart a career diagnosing and solving car troubles of all sorts. In the shop, no two cars are the same, and neither are their problem areas. Because of the critical thinking skills required, an associate’s degree will get you in the door, and every vehicle that comes into the garage will bring you invaluable real-world experience that will continue to develop your expertise and trustworthiness as the only thing keeping your clients’ cars on the road.

High-Tech Solutions


Welders step aside, there exists now an entire industry of advanced cutting and manufacturing jobs that require a skilled hand and the power of incredible plasma cutting systems. Someone with a great eye for design and the firm hand of a craftsman can go far in this industry, not everyone has what it takes to keep up with the precision and detail-oriented requirements to add the finishing touches to perfect machined luxury products before they go to market.

Hair Styling

Another great gig is a hairstylist. Here you can make your own hours, working when you want to, and taking time for yourself whenever you need it. Professionals in this field require a short occupational studies course in trimming and styling; work experience will take you far. Salons and hair care studios are always busy because we are constantly growing out of our fringe, whether we want to or not. This means great job security on top of unbeatable scheduling and tips to round out your vacation and financial planning.

Sign Language Interpreter


For those with the time to complete a degree program in sign language, or others already using it, interpreter jobs are abundant. As well as a great, rewarding career that sees you constantly adjusting to new challenges, sign language interpreters get to help those with hearing impairments on a daily basis. Not only do you get to work in a fun and fast-paced industry, but you are also contributing to a higher quality of life for those all around you. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Wherever your passion takes you, make sure you find the right profession for you and stick with it. Growing your hobbies into a full-time job takes dedication to your craft and a little luck to land the perfect gig, but it is possible for all of us to find our dream jobs eventually. Just stick with it and you will always have a great work environment that fulfills your needs.