Working for yourself in the hospitality field can be demanding, but the end reward can be just as sweet. Every moment of struggle goes towards the success of your business and the happiness of your guests. As the hotelier of a small hotel or bed and breakfast, you can create that wonderful getaway guests are looking for. Every day allows you to meet new people and give customers a one of a kind experience they deserve. If you want people to have a memorable time, there are some tips you might want to consider to go that extra step so your establishment is the place to be.

The Guests

Owning a business has many benefits to doing things your own special way. As a hotelier, you can have fun with your inspirations. However, there is one important aspect to remember when designing your destination; the guests. While you may be the name on the deed, it’s the people who sleep under your roof whose experience is most significant. The rooms should be clean and comfortable. Pride in the details should be vital for you and the staff to maintain and obvious for guests to see. First impressions can make or break your business. A hotel manager greeting people coming in with a smile can immediately uplift a cranky traveler. Well treated staff members make for a happy environment will overflow into the work. They should be professional, positive, and helpful. Guests should feel extremely special and appreciated inside and outside the rooms. Work with your team to give people the best experience that leaves a great impression. It encourages good reviews and influences more revenue for your business.

Modern Comforts: Technology

Your bed and breakfast or inn may be historic, but your guests (and their kids) appreciate modern conveniences. Discounted merchandise from companies such as thestore has a variety of products your business needs to give clients the tech they love. Free wifi connections allow those staying at your establishment to plug in after a long day of sightseeing. A fun, unique extra you can include are smart devices for those who may have forgotten theirs at home. E-Readers programmed with a few novels and kid-friendly apps can also be borrowed during your visitor’s vacation. You can provide a designated nook with charging stations, or laptops which come in handy for those emergency work calls. Terrible rainy days encourage guests to cuddle up with their family around the room’s flatscreen television, enjoying some room service and free wifi. GPS or navigation devices can be rented to help tourists discover popular spots of the area.

Amenities and Food

When examining the room, you want your guests to notice the bedding is clean, crisp and without strains. Extras such as coffee makers, microwaves, or a mini-fridge are some examples of modern amenities that are appreciated. For owners of older bed and breakfasts, you can still show off the historic highlights while keeping the electric and plumbing up to date. Air conditioning and heating units should be maintenance and regularly cleaned. Guests should have adequate hot water for their showers (which should be more than a rhythmic drip) and a toilet that flushes properly. Spending the extra money for proper bathroom remodeling when needed will benefit your business. Soft, fluffy bath towels big enough to wrap around your body is another touch people love. Don’t be the hotel that requires 3 rough towels to dry off, instead pay attention to basic wants and needs. This includes soaps and shampoos. You can partner with a local company to create exclusive toiletries that guests will love and encourages connections with other businesses. Your chef can work local farms, keeping food fresh and costs down. The menu can reflect the area and era of the historic hotel, giving a modern twist on old favorites from decades past. If you choose not to serve breakfast, your guests will appreciate being greeted to a table of fresh coffee, muffins, and other baked goods to begin the day.