COVID-19 outbreaks have contributed to worker shortages, making it harder to access some items. Lockdowns have closed restaurants, movie theaters, and schools, keeping people at home and preventing them from attending social functions.

Students of all ages have dealt with periods of virtual learning during lockdowns, while homecoming dances and graduation ceremonies have been canceled or shifted online. Since the pandemic’s prevented schools from hosting traditional ceremonies, you may be wondering how to celebrate your graduation during the pandemic. Let’s look at ways to celebrate earning your degree during a pandemic.

Plan a virtual dinner.


You don’t have to host a dinner party at home to share an evening with friends or family. Set up your guest list, schedule a time, and send attendees a meal prep kit, enabling everyone to share the same menu. Alternatively, you can let everyone decide on their own mean. Connect via a video chat platform, such as Skype or Zoom, and enjoy dinner together. Your guests can make toasts to celebrate your achievement if you ensure everyone has champagne available.

Play a virtual drinking game.


It might not be possible to meet with your friends in person, but you can host an online party. Schedule a time and ensure everyone has plenty of the best vodka available. The best vodka brands include Chopin Potato, Crystal Head, Belvedere, Ketel One Botanical, Grey Goose, King St. Vodka, Absolut, and Beluga Noble Gold. You and your friends can also opt to use Square One Basil to make Bloody Marys or Caesars.

Meet up on Skype or Zoom and set the game rules. Play games such as Never Have I Ever or Two Truths and a Lie online and enjoy a night with friends.

You can celebrate your achievement by launching your career.


Millions of college students graduate each year, including students who’ve earned an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree. Whether you’ve earned an associate degree in legal studies or completed a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, you might be ready to start your career as soon as you graduate. You can celebrate by preparing applications for career opportunities.

Earning an associate degree in legal studies can prepare you for a paralegal or legal assistant career. You may work in a law office and decide to complete your bachelor’s degree and go to law school to become a lawyer, judge, or mediator. Earning a bachelor’s degree with a major in criminal justice will equip you with the credentials required to become a parole officer, probation officer, or correctional treatment specialist. You could also pursue opportunities in law enforcement or become a corrections officer. Earning a master’s degree in justice administration can lead to opportunities as a postsecondary instructor or forensic psychologist.

Go on a road trip.


Pack your vehicle, choose a destination or a direction, and head out on the open road. Take face masks and gloves for when you stop for gas or food and visit famous landmarks. Suppose you’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon or the battlefields around Gettysburg. Gettysburg has a self-driving audio tour you can complete at your own pace without interacting with guides or other tourists. Many ghost tours are outdoors and involve walking between destinations, enabling you to employ safety precautions while enjoying the guide’s stories. Perhaps you’re more interested in nature. You could visit the ocean, head to the mountains, or visit national or state parks.

Increase your safety on an overnight trip by using your camping equipment and staying at a campground. Take bedding, a pillow, and towels if you stay in a hotel to reduce your contact with items others have touched.

You might not be able to engage in traditional graduation celebrations if you graduate during a pandemic. Instead, you can host a virtual dinner or drinking game. You can also celebrate by starting your career or going on a road trip. Regardless of how you celebrate, it’s important to take the time to celebrate nonetheless because graduating is a huge accomplishment.