If you are a salon owner or a stylist with their own space, you have likely put a lot of time and thought into your overall brand and aesthetic. In a business like hair cutting and styling, appearance can really make or break you. Clients expect their surroundings at a salon to be comfortable and inviting while simultaneously looking and feeling chic and expensive.

While it is important to try, this can be a hard balance to achieve, especially if you are on a budget or are just starting out in your salon and do not want to drop too much cash. You may be feeling stressed about making a good impression through your salon’s decor, but there is no need to stress if you do the proper research into good decorating techniques. If you want to decorate your beauty salon or salon booth space, keep reading for some surefire tips to win over your clients.

Shop Smart When It Comes to Furniture and Decorations

When you are decorating any space regardless of its purpose or even whether it is for your home or for your business, a great way to save a few bucks without sparing the style factor is to shop at an outletsale. You can find outlet sales online or even in person at some of your favorite brands for housewares and furniture.

Shopping an outlet is a great way to get a thrifty deal without stepping foot in a thrift store. Additionally, you won’t be skimping on style or quality and often can get the exact same products at an outlet sale for cheaper than a big box store or another website.

Define a Clear Style or Motif

Another great idea for designing and decorating a salon space on a budget is to choose a theme and stick to it. Often if you go into decorating a space and are directionless when it comes to a motif, your space can become cluttered and you may buy things you don’t even need.

If you state a theme, brand, vibe, or motif you are going for with your salon space, you can reduce the likelihood that you buy something unnecessary. Consider making a list of the things you might want for the beauty salon that stick to your chosen theme and make a promise to yourself not to buy anything that isn’t on that list.

Take to the Internet and Do It Yourself

There are plenty of ways to save money when decorating if you are willing to get a little crafty. A common trend in any decorating project is to do it yourself, or DIY. Completing a DIY project isn’t just a great way to save money on buying decor, it’s fun and teaches you new skills that can come in handy in the future.

There are plenty of tutorials on the Internet and on Pinterest. DIY can be a great way to relax, get together with friends, and make something with your hands that will be put to good use and that you can be proud of.

Utilize Your Network

Using your network isn’t just for finding a job or scoring new clients for your salon, it’s also a great way to share resources and take on some gently used furniture and decor that your stylist friends may not be using. If your friend has salon chairs in her garage that do nothing but collecting dust, she may even be excited for you to take them off her hands. Ask around to see what people have that they are willing to part with. You may be surprised by how much you can get for free.