Running a profitable law firm is much easier said than done. There’s a big difference between knowing your way around human rights and labor law and knowing how to run a small business.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires the ability to set and achieve ambitious goals and a knack for recognizing and seizing business opportunities. Furthermore, using the right marketing tools and best practices is key to growing your client list. Continue reading to learn some things about marketing that your law degree probably didn’t teach you.

Engage on social media


As you know, social media has become much more than a platform for teens and young adults to share summer vacation and date night photos. It’s become a legitimate marketing platform, and the best thing about it for newbie entrepreneurs is that it’s affordable.

Look no further than Malliha Wilson to see how using social media can help grow your professional network and increase your brand visibility. Malliha is a founding partner of Nava Wilson LLP, where she’s had great success reaching new clients. Her extensive experience in complex litigation at the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario taught her how to use digital media to connect with potential clients.

Use technology to improve customer service


The phrase, “The customer is always right,” might not be an absolute fact, but it signifies the importance of customer service. Happy customers are more effective at attracting clients than the most reputed advertising firms.

One great way to enhance the customer experience is to make it easier for callers to reach the right person when they contact your law firm. People have more important things to do with their time than listen to elevator music while waiting to speak with an attorney. The MagicApple phone system uses VOIP technology to enhance call clarity and provide better more efficient customer interactions.

Use content marketing to grow your online presence and establish your expertise


You likely became accustomed to writing your legal and societal opinions while pursuing your law degree, and it’s a skill that will serve you well in marketing. Blogging is one of the more effective means of content marketing.

Almost everyone encounters a situation in their life where they could use some friendly legal advice even if they don’t necessarily need legal representation. For instance, if you practice real estate law, you could write insightful pieces about property law and establish yourself as an expert and thought leader in your legal field.

Content marketing isn’t limited to writing blog posts. You could also launch a podcast and talk about notable cases making headlines or different laws and their effects on society. If you learn how to use content marketing effectively, you could ultimately become an influencer, which bolds well for your legal practice.

Offer free consultations


Everyone loves free stuff, which is why man law firms offer free consultations. Consultations are an opportunity to hear a potential client’s case and share their professional opinion about how to proceed. Consultations are a minimal service and one that has zero overhead costs for you, so why not offer it freely?

Being a great litigator and being a great marketer are different things, but you can become both of those things with the right tools and skills. By joining a national organization, engaging on social media, and using content marketing to offer free legal advice, you can grow your reach and brand recognition.

Using the right marketing techniques and technology will gain you more notable cases and help you capitalize on your extensive experience as a special legal advisor. The legal profession is one of the most profitable in the United States, and now you know how to cash in on it.