Properly weatherproofing your home for the series of inevitable storms that Mother Nature loves to throw everyone’s way is its own kind of art form. Some seasons can certainly end up being more formidable than others. Perhaps you live in a climate where you regularly deal with snowstorms and their icy winds. Or maybe you’re based out of the Southeast where you’ve grown well accustomed to the words “hurricane” and “tropical storm” being thrown around in conversations. On that note, if you just moved to a place like South Florida, it’s high time to educate yourself on the proper ways to ensure your home is weatherproofed for hurricane season. We’ll touch on what you can do to accomplish that mission successfully, as well as other ways in which folks can weatherproof their homes like true professionals.

Invest in storm windows.

Homeowners who are forced to muddle through hurricane season in South Florida will only ever end up regretting not investing in some solid Florida storm windows. If you’re looking for a promising lead on effective storm windows or hurricane windows you’d be well advised to explore the offerings from FHIA Remodeling. These contractors are ready to install highly respectable impact windows that can withstand the debris often hurtled about amidst volatile hurricane winds. Plus, their hurricane impact windows consist of exclusive, durable, impact-resistant glass.

This separates their impact windows from the rest of the competition in the hurricane windows realm because they’re specifically made with SolarMax glass, which is a Low-E glass package only offered by FHIA. If that’s not enough to get the excitement going, you can also consider the fact that FHIA’s impact windows come with the StormSaver lifetime guarantee, which will cover any accidental glass breakage, hurricane glass breakage, and all the other labor and materials. Plus, of course, FHIA also offers a professional window installer service. Those window installers can be life-changing during the hurricane window upgrade process.

Be confident in the process.

Maybe you’re a new homeowner and the world of home improvements is a new one for you to navigate. It’s always helpful to take a mindful moment and remember that there are countless human beings out in the world right now, at this very moment, who have completely shifted gears in their own life situations to learn new skills, start new careers, and more. A great and inspiring example of that would be celebrities with degrees.

For instance, you could consider that actress and comedian Lisa Kudrow, who is famous for playing Phoebe Buffay on the widely respected show, Friends. Did you know that Kudrow actually received a biology degree from Vassar College in 1985? She also gave an epic commencement speech at her old school in 2010. The speech centered on failure, and how the very nature of overcoming the adversity that life presents you is what makes you stronger further on down the road. So, maybe mastering the art of weatherproofing your home will present its own series of challenges for you. Try to remember that you’ll come out of it all the more capable.

Implement door draft stoppers.

The last thing homeowners want to find themselves troubled by is having to deal with cold air creeping in, while the heaters are doing everything they can to warm up homes. It can be a truly frustrating process. So, acquiring some door draft stoppers for your home is a cheap, easy, and effective way to make sure you’re actually doing everything you can to keep the warm air in your home. You might even end up going on to cut the cost of your next utility bill if you really manage to consistently keep the cold air from escaping your home.

Patch up the leaks around doors and windows.

The easiest way you can go about fixing leaks around your doors and windows is to safely hold up a candle around your doors and windows. If you see the flame flicker that reveals that your home’s doors and windows have some leakage going on. That leakage can in turn result in you unnecessarily having to deal with cold air escaping your home during the hot summer months, or hot air creeping back outside when you’re just trying to warm up your home during the winter. Those unfortunate developments will crush any chance at you, as a homeowner, maintaining great energy efficiency. So, should you identify any leaks, you can proceed to fix the drafty spots with caulk or weather stripping.

We’ve touched on a handful of helpful and intuitive ways you can start in on weatherproofing your home so that it’s able to gracefully navigate whatever the elements decide to throw it’s the way. You don’t need to adopt a new outlook for your new home. You can smoothly navigate the process by examining your windows and entry doors. Before you know it you very well might have a spectacular, dynamically outfitted home that rivals that of the most impressive weatherproof homes. And again, if you live in a hurricane-prone area time is absolute of the essence, in terms of making sure your home is ready to be tested by those notorious hurricane winds. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.