LA is the hottest destination for everything beauty, fashion, and nightlife. That’s why the salon and spa industries have skyrocketed in the area over the past few years. Hundreds of thousands of patrons want to feel good and look good as they leave their favorite salons. It’s a magical feeling when you’re fresh out of the salon, looking like a million bucks, walking down Main Street.

As a salon owner, it’s important to have consistent customers pouring into the shop every day. This allows you to budget accordingly while thinking about expanding to new locations and outlets. While running a successful salon is a difficult task, growing it is that much more difficult. That’s where marketing comes in and allows owners to look towards tried and tested methods to reach new audiences.

Work With an Agency

It’s not enough to develop a website or design a page. You need to hire a top local agency to help you get started strategically. They’re able to offload much of the work required during the early stages of brand building and can help you with a coherent plan around your marketing activities.

A top Fresno advertising agency can help you grow deeper into the local area while allowing you to gain on-ground advantages. A top advertising agency can also help you reach local audiences faster, as they have existing connections into social media influencers, marketing groups, and consumer forums.

Focus on Mobile Marketing

When it comes to the local LA area, many consumers are on the move. They’re going to catch a show at the local theater and hitting the clubs at night. It’s ideal to focus your marketing on mobile devices and customers that are near your salon.

Geotargeting and location-tagging your marketing efforts will pay off significantly, as you’re not competing with national brands as well. You can easily design a comprehensive marketing strategy while targeting the thousands of people that walk past your salon each day. You can reach out to them with special deals, walk-in discounts, and unique treatments that are locally centered.

Advertise Unique Propositions

As a business owner, it’s important to understand what your unique selling point is. This is true for businesses across the board, including B2B and consumer-facing brands. What’s truly important is to find that unique proposition that is highly desirable in the eyes of the customers. This allows you to communicate at scale while giving consumers exactly what they need.

Many medical spas work with used cosmetic lasers and innovative equipment to provide laser services to customers that walk in. They’re also focused on providing a range of trending beauty services such as micro-blading, express brightening, and aromatherapy. Through this blended approach, they’re able to advertise unique aspects of their salon and attract a diverse set of customers.

Branding Your Interiors & Exteriors

Salons need to look the part in order to acquire thousands of customers at scale. In order to build a brand from the ground up, or even expand an existing one, you need to have your exteriors be as appealing as possible. This starts from the signage outside the building, as well as any blackboards or specials listed to attract walk-ins.

Salons can also focus on a consistent theme for their shops, which could change regularly to keep the atmosphere engaging. This could have a significant impact on word of mouth marketing if you’re already supplying quality service to customers every day.

All elements within the salon can follow that specific theme, especially if you’re going for something high-fashion and chic in LA. From the signages inside to the marketing materials placed at the cashier’s desk, everything should be as consistent as possible.