Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but many moms are ready to reclaim their bodies after the baby comes. Pregnancy can cause 30 pounds or more of weight gain, leaving many moms not feeling their best. In addition, pregnancy can cause many changes in the body, from hormonal changes to the way your body is shaped. Luckily, there are many postpartum ways that you can reclaim the body you used to know. From healthier diets and exercise to breastfeeding and more, there are steps you can take to get fitter and lose the baby weight for good.



One of the most incredible benefits of your newfound breastfeeding routine is that it can help you lose weight after pregnancy. Doctors recommend extra calories during this time to compensate for the calories lost during each feeding. Finding the best manual breast pump is crucial in ensuring you are feeding on a schedule. Not only will you be feeding your baby, but it will make burning the calories easier. Breast pumps come in many shapes and sizes, from electric to manual. If you’re a mother on the go but not a fan of electric pumps, there are specific cups you can get that discreetly fit within your nursing bra to catch excess milk between feedings.



Some moms may lose the pregnancy belly but still be left with a “pooch.” This can be bothersome to moms because they long for the bodies they once had. For toning and tightening these problem areas, look for EMSculpt. EMSculpt is a process in which high-intensity electromagnetic energy triggers supramaximal contractions. These contractions cannot be achieved by voluntary muscle action making this treatment very effective. Many mothers use this treatment to fix target areas such as their stomach, thighs, and buttocks. A tremendous benefit of this treatment is that there is no downtime afterward, so you don’t have to have a babysitter or undue your routine. While EMSculpt is noted as successful by many plastic surgeons, it’s also recommended to include a healthy diet and exercise routine. For more information, try looking up EMSculpt in San Diego.

Healthy Diet


One of the most critical factors in getting your pre-baby body back is your diet. It is crucial to eat a healthy diet, especially for breastfeeding moms, because nutrients are passed through breast milk to your baby. Focus on a diet full of fibrous veggies such as kale and spinach, and fruits like berries and bananas. Having a healthy diet is the first step in losing any baby weight, and that can be achieved by cutting out any unnecessary sugars and carbs.

Fitness Routine


If there is one thing that mothers crave, it’s routine. Babies are generally on strict feeding schedules for the first couple of months, most are feeding every two hours or so. Between these feedings, it is essential to find time to work out. Not only is this important for you to regain your pre-pregnancy body, but it will keep your mind relaxed as well. Exercise has plenty of benefits, more than just working your muscles. Motherhood can be stressful, but working out can be time taken for yourself to be stress-free. Many exercises can be found to even incorporate your baby so that you can spend some quality mommy and me time together.

Reclaim Your Body

Reclaiming your body after having a baby is much more than just your physical self. It is also crucial to reclaim your mind and be in a relaxed environment for your baby. A healthy diet and exercise routine is the most vital key to reclaiming your body postpartum.