Many homeowners wish they had just one more room to create a fun, relaxing place for the whole family to enjoy. However, these same homeowners often overlook an excellent space to transform – the attic. Frequently, attics are simply unorganized storage spaces bursting with potential. So, why not take advantage of this forgotten space and turn it into the game room you’ve always wanted?

A game room in your attic offers many benefits and opportunities for quality time with friends and family. With a touch of creativity and work, you’ll be browsing Hot Spawn for the latest online gaming, new computer desk, or playing billiards with a friend in your renovated attic games room in no time. Today, we’ll explore some tips to make your attic game room dream a reality.

Brighten up your attic games room with additional lighting.


One functional benefit of using your attic for a game room is the ample natural light these spaces afford. Most attics have at least one or two windows to let in natural light. However, the natural light from these windows won’t be enough for a game room. To combat this, consider remodeling to include additional light fixtures to brighten this space. To install the lights you need, you’ll need to find a reliable electrician.

Some of the best choices for attic lighting are recessed lights and sconces, as they’ll be out of the way when the games begin. These types of light fixtures will help you save precious room, so no one is bumping their head or bursting a light bulb. Not to mention, a few pendant light fixtures over the stairwell can make your attic entrance much safer and more accessible.

Bring some warmth into your attic game room with carpeting.


A games room without an attractive floor tends to look unfinished. Quality flooring will give your attic game room a more professional look while making the space more comfortable for everyone. In addition, your attic games room floor should be able to withstand all of the activity from foot traffic, dropped game pieces, and more.

Most homeowners consider wall-to-wall carpet the ideal flooring choice for their game rooms. This soft, padded floor brings warmth to any cold attic with the added benefit of being scratch-proof. Carpet comes in a broad assortment of colors, thicknesses, and patterns to suit virtually any design scheme or personal taste.

You’ll need enough storage and seating for everyone.


You’ll need plenty of storage space for your games and essentials. Your game room will be full of games, but you don’t want them piled up in stacks in the corner. One of the most popular ways homeowners create storage space is by making built-in storage cabinets along the walls. You may lose a small amount of floor space, but you’ll gain the appropriate storage to keep your games, puzzles, and other items organized and tidy.

You’ll also need seating for everyone. The key to providing enough seating is not to clutter your attic with chairs. If your attic has a small alcove, you could make built-in benches to make use of this smaller space. Another common option is using floor pillows or bean bags for plush seating options that don’t take up much room.

Don’t forget the games.


The entire purpose of an attic game room is the games. So, you can’t forget this essential component. Ensure you have enough strength on your attic floor to support the games and furniture you want to include. For example, some attics are strong enough to hold a poker table easily but, not a billiards table.

In addition, remember you’re not limited to table-top games and the like. It’s an excellent idea to include a gaming computer desk or entertainment center for a gaming console for all of your video game fans.

Transform your attic dream into a reality.

Remember to consider lighting, flooring, storage space, and games for your attic game room. With these tips, you should be set to transform your attic.