Expanding your knowledge of the world can come in a variety of methods. Many people may assume expanding knowledge refers to education, which it can. Others may assume it refers to traveling, which it also can. There are nearly endless ways to expand our knowledge of both our internal and external worlds. There is no limit to the knowledge we can acquire when we are willing to open ourselves up to it.

Here are four ways to expand your knowledge of the world that you can start today.

1. Learn new things.


Learning should be a lifelong adventure because it isn’t just about going to school or getting your diploma. Learning is about always being open to understanding things better. You can expand your knowledge by taking classes on something you know nothing about. For example, you could take an OSHA certification program to learn more about public and worker safety. OSHA standard is used within the construction industry to ensure occupational safety for workers. OSHA outreach training provides professional certification for those interested in helping with worker safety issues. Even if this doesn’t apply to your particular career, it can provide you with knowledge about the human condition and why organizations like OSHA are required to protect others.

There is an endless list of things you can pursue learning more about. You can choose something related to a personal hobby or interest. You can select a topic that has fascinated you in the past, or you can seize any opportunity that may feel completely random when presented. Being aware of different events or options in your area can allow you to learn things you never even thought of previously.

2. Explore different lifestyles.


People joke about how “the other half lives,” referring to those clearly in a different income bracket than they are. However, it is beneficial to learn about how people live differently. David Lindahl is the principal owner of The Lindahl Group and controls over $140 million in real estate. He sees how people live all over the country. He’s had the opportunity to witness other lifestyles and learn from them, and he’s used his knowledge to grow his real estate empire. However, it is essential to understand that the goal is to learn, not to monetize. Being able to monetize your knowledge and experience is a bonus.

3. Experience different cultures.


When people think of experiencing different cultures, they assume that means traveling to other countries, which may not be in their budget. However, leaving the country is not a requirement. You can explore different cultures within the United States through workshops, classes, festivals, celebrations, books, movies, and lectures. The United States is amazingly diverse, and there are many ways to learn about and experience those different cultures while still showing respect. You can visit cultural neighborhoods in your region, go to a cultural festival, and see a place of worship vastly different from your own. You can take time to research cultures that interest you and learn about their history and customs.

4. Start meditating.


The most extraordinary world you will be able to learn from is the inner world. Our every experience is shaped by the world that was created in our minds and hearts. However, with all of the hustle and bustle of the world around us, many lose touch with that inner world. There are many different forms of meditation, including mindfulness meditation, walking meditation, visualization, and yoga. While each practice is unique, they all do their part to make the individual more aware of their thoughts and emotions in the present moment instead of always thinking in the past or the future.

Expanding your knowledge of the world starts with the willingness to open yourself up to new experiences and opportunities. It is the openness that allows you to accept ideas and opinions that may seem foreign to you at first.