Small business owners and enterprise users of any size can protect their organization, personnel, and assets by strengthening their security infrastructure without having to maintain video recorders like DVRs or an obsolete nvr. Although some businesses may be more susceptible to crime, all types of businesses are vulnerable at some point.  

Enterprise surveillance for a small business or a company of any size is also about insight and being able to document crimes and attacks that occur inside or near a company’s premises or injury claims made by customers or employees. The type of camera is important and choosing the right vendors for the best enterprise security system is critical. Features like night vision, live viewing, and two-way audio is a great option offered in many video surveillance systems. However, a robust camera system should also be able to assist first responders with immediate video feedback for the real-time reaction. With the growing number of active shooter incidents occurring in businesses around the country, it is the duty of every employer to ensure that their organizational infrastructure is up to date and able to handle threats proactively.

Verkada products are perfect for retail, commercial, and business surveillance because they provide continuous video coverage and offline access, a centralized way of managing different alerts of unusual activity.

Deter Crime and Reduce Blind Spots

Smart businesses need to ensure that their personnel feels safe in their work environment. Security experts recommend covering the obvious areas of concern, including the storefront, front door, and other entrances, exits, and parking lots, where the presence of CCTV security cameras deter crime. 

Many organizations believe that installing CCTV security cameras eliminates all threats. While it is true that a surveillance system can deter potential burglars or discourage crime, there is a false sense of security. Unclear images from an analog camera, inaccessible footage from a surveillance system with limited storage capacity, or poor lighting are some factors that can create render the security system useless. Instead, small businesses require enterprise security solutions that can share the feed with the police to resolve a legal issue.

Reduce Costs

Having a robust security system that is easily accessible and user-friendly can reduce costs by allowing a business owner to optimize the need for manned security. According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, security guards, defined as personnel hired to prevent theft or violence, earn a mean annual wage of $32,050. While human presence is a great deterrent, companies can optimize the results and reduce the cost by leveraging the power of intelligent and centralized security systems specifically built for the enterprise.

Verkada systems have built-in access management that allows administrators to configure users and role permissions through dashboards to ensure that only those with pre-established access can gain control and manage the business security system. Also, since there is no need for an nvr system or a DVR, anyone can install the cameras quickly. 

Simplify and Increase Security

An attack on a business can be crippling. Therefore, cyberattacks and threat management have been at the forefront of organizational concerns in the last decade. Hackers have been able to take advantage of weaknesses in network infrastructure to take control of cameras and video feeds. 

With Verkada, the Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions encrypt and store video in solid-state storage while communicating securely. With single sign-on and two-factor authentication, user access is protected from possible weaknesses in traditional login processes and cyberattacks. 

A security solution is no longer out of the reach of the small business owner. Whether a business is looking for night vision outdoor cameras that prevent employee theft or a wireless camera that discouraged shoplifting, Verkada’s products prove to be the best enterprise security camera systems available on the market.