In the middle of a global pandemic, more people than ever are making big changes when it comes to their careers. An uncertain job industry and fewer employees also means that employers are doing what they can to meet employee demand in an employee’s market. The truth is that it’s becoming harder and harder for employers to attract and retain qualified workers, and without certain programs and improvements to corporate culture, companies are becoming at risk of failure.

In order to attract talented and loyal staff, corporate culture is more important than ever before. For a few perks to consider adding to your place of business for employee success, read on.

Support Services


Few would deny that we’re living in unconventional and uncertain times. For this reason, more people than ever are reporting experiencing signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is extending into the workplace, and it’s important that employers are aware of the struggles their current and potential employees are dealing with.

Many savvy employers are bringing mental health services into their companies as a way of helping employees with challenging times. For example, companies impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic through the employment of essential workers are making it a habit to provide employees around how to reach out for help through Google searches like “therapy near me” and even on-call therapists.

Whether you choose to hold mental health seminars or offer employees therapy at your expense, paying close attention to employee mental health will go a long way toward inspiring employee loyalty and improving morale during hard times.

Equality in the Workplace


When considering employee needs, good business owners are taking a closer look at their policies. Guided by the work of human rights advocates and lawyers like Malliha Wilson of Ontario, business leaders have come to understand that social lens biases and discriminations are real. Doing what they can to validate employee complaints, many are changing policies to make their businesses more inclusive. This could mean establishing new rules in the workplace around employee interaction and bullying or changing policies on pay and hiring practices. Determined to have an inclusive and diverse working environment, some employers are using the internet to attract people from different regions and cultures, adding up to a stronger workforce on the whole.

Incentive and Wellness Programs


Many businesses are turning to wellness programs to improve company culture, too. The neat thing about wellness programs is that they can be built around each company’s needs. Perhaps you have a staff who’s interested in dieting, nutrition, and physical activity. A company like yours could do well with regular fitness challenges or group seminars on healthy habits. If you’re looking for ways to make your employees feel more valued and understood, incorporating a wellness program into your culture will mean fewer absences, higher morale, and increased productivity.

A wellness program can be as simple as using an app to track employee fitness goals. Or, it could involve rewarding employees for meeting goals and exceeding expectations. For example, paying for a vacation for employees who are top sellers or performers is a great way to motivate staff while helping them to take care of themselves and recharge, too.

In the end, businesses who are willing to make changes and add programs during these unconventional times are the ones that will last the longest. In making your employees a priority, giving them additional supports, and keeping an eye on industry trends, you’ll give your company better odds of success. Whether you decide to incorporate a wellness program or plan to offer employees better incentives, taking the time to research your options now will make a difference to your bottom lines in the future.