Let’s be honest—2020 was a difficult year, and 2021 isn’t looking that much better. While the vaccine for the coronavirus inspires hope, it’s hard to cope when it’s now official that the U.S. has hit over half a million deaths from COVID-19, and this virus affected “every corner of America.” Scientists are saying that any more deaths are greatly depending on how fast the vaccine goes out, how the variants shape the illness, and how close we all stick to guidelines like mask-wearing and social distancing.

Basically, 2021 is looking like “2020—take two,” and we all need each other’s support. What better way to show that support than with a surprise present? Check out the following popular gift ideas for 2021.

A Legion Vape Pen

Considering the increased anxiety caused by the pandemic and the known stress-relief that a puff from your preferred cannabis product can have, a vape pen could be the ultimate 2021 gift. Keep in mind, HealthLine notes that psychiatrists recommend working with a “mental health provider [you] feel comfortable with” to be monitored if stress has evolved into a mental health condition (even general anxiety disorder) since THC and CBD are not yet fully researched to treat mental health conditions.

For the pal who has just been a bit more on edge, consider gifting them a vape cartridge for an excellent way to unwind. The Monarch vape pen includes one of The Legion of Bloom’s award-winning terpenes, which is the perfect blend of pure THC oil coming from cannabis strains they grow naturally. The terpenes grown at The Legion of Bloom offer superior flavors, a great feel, and the ideal smell (no skunky odors here). The vape cartridge is made from glass and stainless steel with a ceramic coil for heating.

These vape pens are a great option for those who wish to smoke cannabis oil with discretion. When ordering one of the cannabis terpenes, you will get to pick the strain, flavor, and potency. The Legion of Bloom carries numerous vape products, including replacement batteries for vape pens and different cannabis blends with various amounts of THC and CBD that come in a variety of flavors. They also carry topical CBD products for those who don’t wish to smoke. For a puff of high-quality THC from an award-winning vaporizer, check out these vape pens.

The No-Pull Dog Harness

Has the isolation and anxiety of the pandemic got your loved one down? Encourage them to get outside with their pup. It’s something the American Psychological Association says will be good for their “physical and psychological human well­being” by lowering stress and improving their mood.

By gifting them the no pull harness for dogs, you encourage them to get outside while purchasing them “the last dog harness [they’ll] ever buy” (according to the website). This no-pull dog harness fits all dog breeds, is great for modifying behavior, and is even machine washable.

This top pick dog harness comes in a variety of colors and sizes and includes the option to add the safety seatbelt for car rides. The harness comes in a durable vest design meant to fit around a dog’s chest while giving your dog’s head and front legs plenty of room to move around. The harness has padding to keep your pup comfy and a simple design that simply clips in front of your pooch’s chest. While the harness doesn’t come with a leash, it has a leash attachment point, and there’s a strap on the back of the harness that can be used to guide your pooch (great for larger breeds).

The best part? This no-pull harness won’t touch your dog’s neck or put any pressure on their trachea, as the leash attachment point is on the side, naturally turning your dog sideways when you pull on the loose leash. This makes it the best harness to be used as a training tool since without the discomfort of getting tugs on the neck, your pup won’t feel scolded when they haven’t done anything wrong. Plus, with three different adjustment points, you can attach other accessories as well (tags, poop bags, etc.). For the perfect fit, be sure to check out Joy Ride Harness’s sizing guide (puppies and smaller dogs are going to want a snug fit).

A Care Gift Basket

While a traditional gift basket may be seen as “lazy” and “impersonal,” a “2021 survival gift basket” that you put together yourself can be the ultimate way to show you care. Put together some personalized items you know your loved one will enjoy like their favorite candy, a pretty mug featuring an inside joke or an inspiration quote, a candle, a book you think they’d enjoy, gift cards to local restaurants that do takeout, a stylish personal face mask, and a plan that meets their abilities (i.e., get them a cactus if they have trouble keeping plants alive). This last year has taken some adjustability for all of us, and getting a gift that is personalized and lets someone know you care can be the ultimate gesture to help them smile through the rest of the year.