Good schools are a strong focus for real estate investors and other professionals in the market all across the world. In major cities such as New York in the U.S. or Guangzhou, Hong Kong, or Tianjin; homeowners love the multi-faceted boost that a great school provides to their neighborhood, and the value experienced by homeowners themselves.

Business owners know this as well, and Chinese companies, as well as U.S.-based firms trading on the U.S. stock markets often angle to place their brick and mortar locations in the vicinity of high-quality institutions of learning for the same reasons.

Financial firms, homeowners, and private companies that deal in all sorts of industrial spaces target these types of communities for their base of operations. Audit and accounting firms like Marcum BP rely on prioritizing this intangible, and highly recommend these sorts of focuses for Chinese companies as well as U.S. firms—see more at

For homeowners, the benefits hit a little closer to home than for private companies that provide assurance services, impact window manufacturing, or essential cross-border services to a variety of clients. For the homeowner, family planning takes center stage, and home value ranks at a close second.

The value of a school pays long dividends for families.


The valuation of a home relies upon a lot of different factors, yet to a resident, a good school is an immediate signal of a great potential neighborhood to raise children in. A community that centers on a great school is one that provides the type of education that you want to give to your children.

Great schools provide financial wins as well.


The change in demographics in the United States and around the world makes the value of a great school a different kind of boost to the home. The acquisition of a home neighboring a great educational facility gives homeowners the ability to lock in high-quality value growth in the real estate property itself.

A valuation can be gauged through a variety of different lenses, and for families with children, a school with great teaching staff and after-school amenities is a major commodity. As a property owner living nearby, your property is worth more to a family with school-aged children than to a family with none. It’s crucial to understand that your home is as much an investment as it is a place to lay your head.

Listing your home, therefore, becomes a strategic move that coincides with school timings and other childhood education factors. However, there are a variety of other things at play here. When approaching a home listing, it’s important to make sure that the home is in great working order as well.

Window replacement in Miami, for instance, is a key fixture among those looking to sell for a great profit. Window replacement is key in South Florida and other areas of the United States that see hurricane-force winds and near-daily rain throughout the summer months.

Harsh weathers can erase your windows’ effectiveness and energy efficiency rating if you don’t take great care of them throughout the year. Replacing the windows and prioritizing other upgrades is a great way to ensure that your home appeals to the broadest possible contingent of buyers in the market for a new home.

Snapping up a property near a great school is a good idea if you’re looking to provide your children with a fantastic education, or if you’re a real estate investor seeking the opportunity to flip a home for great profit.